GHP 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards

GHP / 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards 17 , Best Canine Hydrotherapy Service - Yorkshire Paddlin Paws is a purpose built, safe and hygienic, dog hydrotherapy pool based in Pontefract. We profile this unique facility to find out more about the innovative therapy it provides. A career in nursing combined with a love of dogs was the inspiration behind Hannah Morley’s business venture, Paddlin Paws. Wanting to use both her medical training and the enjoyment of taking her dogs for swims, led Hannah on the path to becoming a qualified Registered Canine Hydrotherapist and opening her dog hydrotherapy pool in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. Although hydrotherapy is already a well-known form of effective treatment, canine hydrotherapy is still relatively new, and it’s a rapidly growing area. Paddlin Paws treats many dogs that have been referred by local veterinary surgeons. In September they had their highest every number of patients, reaching 104 in just one week. Hydrotherapy is used to treat many different conditions, including arthritis, mobility problems, tissue injuries, paralysis, obesity, and can help with post-surgery healing. Hannah and her team work with the dogs in the purpose-built pool, using buoyancy aids and harnesses for the animals’ safety. The pool is also fitted with hydro jets to provide extra resistance when needed, helping towards optimum improvement. The water is kept at a comfortable 30°C, which promotes circulation. Bromine is used to sanitise the pool, which is also kind to the skin. All dogs are warmed up before their swim and treated to a shampoo, dry and brush afterwards. With ten of her own dogs at home, Hannah is certainly used to animals. One of her Border Collies goes to work with her when needed as a ‘therapy dog’, helping encourage confidence in some animals which are nervous of going in the pool. In October Paddlin Paws celebrated its fifth birthday. With future plans including “Golden Oldie” Clinics, locum Physiotherapy and Mctimoney clinics as well as incorporating other services like grooming and training, Hannah’s love for her work is abundantly clear, and the company has many exciting future plans that will help enhance its success for many years to come. AH180011 Company: Paddlin Paws Contact: Hannah Morley Address: 29, Southgate, Pontefract, WF8 1LN, UK Phone: 01977 780043 Website: