GHP 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards

6 GHP / 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards , Emgee Trading Ltd. Celtic Connection Holistic Pet Food was created in 2013 by its parent company, Emgee Trading Ltd who develop, manufacture and distribute natural, holistic and innovative pet products. Today, the firm’s naturally hypoallergenic recipes are produced in the UK using freshly prepared, human-grade quality British ingredients from ethically- farmed sources and include AH180003 Best Pet Food Producer – Europe & Distinction Award for Natural Product Ingredients 2018 Drawing on the expertise of Founder and Creator Linda M. Gould, Celtic Connection Holistic Pet Food offers an innovative range of fresh pet food designed to keep themhealthy and happy. As part of our overview of a selection of the esteemed winners of this year’s Animal Health & Wellness Awards we invited Linda to share an insight into her firm and the unique range of healthy and delicious food it produces. therapeutic amounts of functional herbs and joint support. All the pet food recipes include their unique ‘Single Source Protein Philosophy’ with two protein sources from the same protein family to provide a better amino acid profile than typical single source protein products. To retain the natural vitamins and minerals in the freshly prepared ingredients, the kibble is steamed, and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are used. The recipes are complete and balanced and suitable for all lifestages, from puppy/kitten to senior. Linda explores how the firm came into being after she discovered a gap in the market for healthy pet food that takes a holistic approach to health. “As an animal massage/ physiotherapist and osteopath with 30 years of experience in herbal remedies, I would often recommend specific herbs or supplements for my clients. One difficulty pet owners I worked with had, however, was how to get those herbs or supplements into their pet. I therefore created kibble recipes based on the most common issues seen in my practice and utilising a holistic approach. To me, that ‘holistic approach’ means not just focusing on one specific issue such as the stomach or the coat or the joints, we look at the animal as a “whole” with all these systems being interdependent and working together to provide natural health. After all, to say that a pet is truly healthy, all the organs need to be functioning optimally and supporting each other. My recipes therefore focus on helping to detoxify the body’s five ‘cleansing organs’: the lungs, liver, colon, kidneys and the skin, using natural ingredients. To keep with the natural character of our recipes, we also include chelated minerals, organic selenium and a special algae that offers a bio-available form of Omega-3 for our non-fish recipes. And to be kind to Mother Nature, even our packaging is 100% biodegradable, produced from sustainable forestry, includes a food starch liner, solvent-free adhesives and is printed using water-based inks. “Many pet owners initially find my unique recipes when looking for a solution to their pet’s digestive, joint or skin issues. Due to the great results achieved in resolving these issues, the products are now recommended and even available from