GHP 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards

GHP / 2018 Animal & Wellness Awards 7 g Emgee Trading Ltd. Company: Emgee Trading Ltd. Contact: Linda Gould Address: Sonnisstraat 106, 3530 Helchteren, Belgium Phone: 0032 479 300 377 Website: veterinarians. However, my recipes are not limited to only pets with health issues. More and more pet owners who are simply looking for natural, grain and gluten free recipes using recognisable ingredients and high amounts of real meat for their pet are now also discovering Celtic Connection products. Our current assortment includes complete and balanced dry kibble in 4 recipes for dogs and 3 recipes for cats. We have also recently added three crunchy training treat recipes to our range - all using our unique ‘Single Source Protein Philosophy’ to keep pets healthy by feeding real, naturally appropriate and minimally processed food. Even the name ‘Celtic Connection’ is a nod to the Celts who were the first Europeans to use food to not only help cure disease, but also to help prevent it. Health comes from within, so our pets we need to be fed high quality food.” Aiming to offer the very best for every pet, Linda develops her recipes with a team of nutritionist specifically trained in pet food, and does extensive testing and quality controls, as she highlights. “To ensure that our products are of the highest possible quality and offer the proper, nutrition our pet carnivores require, we are a member of several industry leading associations and working to be a forerunner in the areas of nutrition, packaging and manufacturing. We test every batch produced for specific quality control characteristics as well as conducting supplementary testing. This proactive approach allows us to not only better understand our customers’ pets and their needs, but to also direct them to specific recipes, such as our Duck with Goose & Sweet Potato for Dalmatians, which is suitable for this breed due to its lower purine values.” As she looks to the future Linda foresees even greater opportunities for Celtic Connections to grow and build upon its current success, as she is excited to conclude. “Ultimately, as pets live longer, and pet owners become more concerned about their pet’s long-term health and comfort, I expect the popularity of human grade ingredients, joint support, nutraceuticals and natural, functional ingredients will continue to become more mainstream. To adapt around this development, at Celtic Connection we are already looking into a few ingredients that are popular in holistic circles and testing their appropriateness and applicability to pet food. As a dynamic firm we continue to work on new recipes and have a few projects in the pipeline including new kibble recipes, expanding our range of treats and a line of tinned food recipes.”