2021 Fitness and Nutrition Awards Packages

Advanced Package: £1,695 • Supporting front cover image • Supporting front cover headline • Double page spread • Personalised digital winners’ logo • Bespoke digital awards certificate • 2 x Crystal trophies • 1 x Wall mounted plaque • 4 - Page digital brochure of your inclusion • + the Complimentary package 4 GHP  Best Online Health &Wellness Coaching Training Coach 2019 tomake, but through its leading wellness coaching it is helping to create future leaders in the industry that understand the importance of holism in healing. We spoke with Founder Cathleen Beerkens to find out more about her pursuit to create a new, wholly better paradigm in the healthcare and wellness industries. Change is coming to the global health landscape. There’s a developing understanding that people are, at their heart and fundamentally, individuals with unique needs and requirements. More than that, there’s a realisation that health is more than just the body – more than the physical, measurable symptoms. It’s a complex interplay between the mind, spirit and general wellbeing, all feeding into the bigger picture of ‘you’. In a word, health is becoming more holistic and medicine, in turn, is moving to consider a whole host of variables that were, not that long ago, considered almost irrelevant. Cathleen Beerkens founded A Wellness Revolution with all of this in mind, recognising a need to guide health to a future that was defined by a greater understanding of everything that influences wellbeing and wellness. Medically trained, Cathleen saw the problems first-hand that were born of a thoroughly cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to generalised healthcare. Further, she realised, ultimately, that being completely and truly ‘well’ is a different thing to being merely physically healthy. In that, A Wellness Revolution remains driven in its goal of creating a new health paradigm, and a new generation of health leaders who are equipped to deliver real changes to the way people think about their own health. Whilst personalised medicine is gaining momentum on the back of developing technology – specifically when it comes to innovation in genetic sequencing- the symbiotic relationship between individual thought patterns, behaviours, mental state, eating habits and so on are only just being understood and capitalised on. Much of the ground gained in this arena can be put at Cathleen’s feet, and her efforts to reinvent best practices in the industry through coaching. “I believe that coaching is the answer right now to help the medical profession make a necessary shift towards better, more effective care. We believe that when people understand the body, mind and spirit connection – the way we work as a whole – they start to change, and they start to heal on another level.” A Wellness Revolution trains individuals to become Certified Health and Wellness Coaches through their accredited and comprehensive courses. “The coaching course is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and, upon completion of this course, one will earn 63 hours for ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)™”, Cathleen adds. It’s clear that Cathleen understands the importance of regulation and its role in ensuring that health and wellness coaching achieves the heights it so deserves. Expectations need to be established – and uniform – to allow for greater integration in the medical arena. “Guidelines need to be in place, and there needs to be regulation to ensure that everyone understands what health and wellness coaching can achieve, and how it can compliment traditional medicine.” Securing legitimacy in an industry which seems rigid and unyielding naturally remains a challenge, but it is one that Cathleen is confident can be overcome through education. “Current medical practitioners simply do not have the time to Oct19176 GHP 5  do what Health and Wellness Coaches do. Health and Wellness Coaches look at every part of your life to see where ‘blockages’ could be. Where improvements can be made. One-on-one client/coach relationships are crucial in the process to create moments of self- reflection and epiphany. A medical practitioner doesn’t have that luxury of time in a hospital or clinic environment.” In a word, health and wellness coaching is more focused on the individual needs of the person: what they eat, their lifestyle, their thoughts, their behaviours – their lives. It seems almost obvious in hindsight: to think that these variables need to be considered to ensure a truly healthy and well person, but this is the prevailing challenge that Cathleen and her coaches face. To change a paradigm that has been established and reinforced for decades. “Coaching is about helping people to realise they have control of their lives. It’s about helping people to make different lifestyle changes that will help encourage a healthier life. It’s about nourishing spiritual wellbeing and reprogramming the subconscious. Sometimes coaches can help their clients on a deeper level by referring them for more integrative support to recommended practitioners, therapists or doctors.”. “Health and Wellness are not about the destination they are about your daily journey of choices.” There can be no doubt that Cathleen’s work is fuelled by an incredible passion for wellness, and the unique benefits that coaching offers. “Over the six months it’s amazing to see our students really ‘wake up’. They want to be better, to eat better, to live better. We teach our students about digestion, and how our emotions guide us like a compass, guiding us in a certain direction. The course also teaches about the new sciences, particularly Epigenetics and Nutritional Glycobiology. These new sciences help the coaches understand the importance of how our cells work and how our cellular health is influenced by lifestyle choices and nutrition. “Despite being an online course, we do offer much of it live. We have speakers who are experts in their field who, in turn, can help our students gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the nature of holistic care. The course offers four hours of learning a week, with an additional two hours of homework. There are also tests, as we have to have tests to be a regulated course and for students to integrate the material and bring a high standard of quality. These tests are oral, and many students say that these are the best part of the course,” Cathleen continues. This course is a product of years of development, with new additions and updates being integrated frequently to ensure that all new coaches are trained to the highest standards. Ultimately, the aim throughout it all is to help people to achieve a more balanced life, with due consideration taken to the role of the body, mind and spirit. All in all, it’s easy to see how current medical practices seem ill-equipped to tackle this movement away from simply administrating medicine to cure a physical symptom. Equally, whilst developments in healthcare are continuous, it is important to ensure that efforts are being made to expand beyond the increasingly dated practices of generations past. As we come to the end of the interview, Cathleen talks for a moment on the more immediate future of A Wellness Revolution: “We are excited to be involved in this core mission to help people through lifestyle changes. We understand, at this time on the planet, the serious effects that stress, altered food and our toxic environment is having on all living beings. As part of our ongoing development, we are planning a YouTube channel to help bring people more information about health and wellness.” “Health and Wellness Coaching is currently in its infancy, and we remain totally excited to be involved in the developments of this very important influence in the present-day medical system.” “A Wellness Revolution believes that health and wellness coaching is extremely powerful in helping people to adapt and evolve to become the best version of themselves. It is not just merely the absence of disease, it is also the concept of prevention and changing lifestyle habits that help people make the necessary changes to take more responsibility for their wellness,” Cathleen concludes. Change, after all, is not always a bad thing. Change leads to progress, to innovation, to growth, to development. A revolution is coming to the health landscape, and with it, a brighter future indeed. 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