2022 Fitness & Nutrition Award Packages

Consumer interest in the Fitness & Nutrition industry is at an all-time high! We are seeing now more than ever consumers caring about wellness – specifical ly health, fitness and nutrition, which is more of a priority to individuals across the world than it has been in previous years. The global wel lness market is being estimated at $1.5 trillion with growth projected of 5 to 10%! Boasting impressive market value growth, and with no signs of slowing down, now is truly the best time to take part in our Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2022, with the industry set to grow rapidly over 2022 and further. We are proud to recognise and acknowledge the innovative pioneers and devoted leaders across the sector. Launched in 2017, Global Health & Pharma welcomes nominations from all areas of this vast industry, including equipment through to facilities, trainers through to technology and all in between. In addition, we also accept nominations from dietitians, nutritionists and special ist experts from within this industry, alongside the numerous businesses and products which support this sector. Introduction Complimentary Package Entry into the SEO Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2022 Directory Access to & use of the official press release www.ghp-news.com