2022 Private Healthcare Award Packages

Global Health & Pharma is delighted to once again open submissions for the annual Private Healthcare Awards, celebrating the continued efforts of healthcare providers, products, and professionals across the global industry! Launched in 2017, each year nominations are open to the vast array of businesses within this varied sector, including but not limited to private medical clinics, dental clinics, aesthetics and cosmetic surgeries, therapists, rehabilitation services, health insurers, equipment suppliers, and the numerous businesses and products which support this vital industry! Typically regarded as a slow-moving sector, healthcare is primed for a disruptive shake-up. Soon to be worth an estimated $10 trillion by 2022, the global industry is taking huge strides in advanced AI technology, real-time biofeedback, and in recognising the complete and holistic health of an individual – body, mind, and soul. Searches for “AI and healthcare” are up 2000% since late 2016, and as we continue into 2022 the sector is producing hugely popular products and apps for personalised, real-time health, such as KardiaMobile and the ubiquitous Fitbit. Do you have a product that might be the next best thing in at-home healthcare? With advanced technology comes an increasing need for safe and secure storage of patient data, and we’re here to recognise all the behind-the-screens companies that make this possible! Private Healthcare Awards 2022 introduction Introduction www.ghp-news.com Introduction