2022 Private Healthcare Award Packages

Typically, our awards work on the bases of merit and quality, not upon the number of votes or size of your institution. To ensure of a level playing field, we reward parties based on their reputation, commitment, innovation, determination, and contribution to their industry. Previous champions of the Private Healthcare Awards span the entirety of the sector, demonstrating the wealth of industry excellence available across the globe. Past winners include Early Life Ultrasound Centre, who were awarded Best Private Ultrasound Practice – South West England in 2021, and Chrysalis Finance Limited, who rose above the competition to achieve Best Patient Payment Solutions Company 2020 – Europe. All applicants are welcome to provide further materials in support of their nomination, case files, product samples and media packs are all accepted but are not mandatory. In a process which can take up to 8 weeks, our experienced research team perform extensive research and fact-checking using publicly available information alongside any further materials supplied to determine this year’s winners. Private Healthcare Awards 2022 introduction Introduction www.ghp-news.com Introduction