2022 Technology Award Packages

With technological innovation playing an integral part in reshaping how we look at the healthcare industry, it is undeniable that the influence of technology has changed healthcare for the best. This combination has not only improved cl inical outcomes and patient safety but has also provided more effective solutions for diseases and other medical conditions. Within the fields of medical device development and manufacturing, telehealth, 3D printing and more, the healthcare sector has benefited most from the input of technology. With the digital health market value expected to exceed 430 billion dol lars by 2028, and with 80% of healthcare providers planning to increase their investment in technology and digital solutions over the next five years, the industry will only continue to advance. With this in mind, Global Health and Pharma Magazine is delighted to announce the Technology Awards 2022! The Technology awards aims to acknowledge those prestigious companies and individuals who are playing an important role within the industry. Introduction Complimentary Package Entry into the SEO Technology Awards 2022 Directory Access to & use of the official press release www.ghp-news.com