2023 Private Healthcare Award Packages

Package Examples 2023 ghpPrivate Healthcare Awards 2023

Global Health & Pharma’s highly anticipated Private Healthcare Awards is returning for its sixth consecutive year to once again provide the essential recognition that the Private Healthcare sector’s diligent constituents deserve! Our publication is continuing to shine a spotlight on the expert delivery of quality care by the practitioners and professionals on its front line, as well as the astounding achievements of the sector’s supporters. The Private Healthcare Awards 2023 welcomes nominations for all organisations and enterprises who facilitate this vital sector’s continuing growth and development. Global Health & Pharma understand the crucial importance of all contributors to Private Healthcare and strive to celebrate each of them. This of course includes the core providers in the industry such as private medical centres, dental practices, cosmetic surgery clinics, physiotherapy practices, rehabilitation centres and social care services, but also the peripheral industries that assist these professionals, such as health insurers, equipment suppliers, healthcare consultants and the technology companies that enable medical professionals to optimise their practices. Despite expected roadblocks, the Private Healthcare sector has flourished in recent history. The current growth of the sector can be attributed largely to its supporting technological and digital service industries. With the ever-increasing importance of consumer-centric healthcare, the Data and Analytics industry has become critical to personalised delivery of both products and services within the Private Healthcare sector, including financial products. It is no surprise that this industry has been projected to grow annually by 13.85%, potentially reaching USD 105.73 Billion by 2030. Similarly, the development of the Smart Healthcare market has become imperative, as the demand for patient-focus and improved quality of life in healthcare has grown. It is now an essential requirement that healthcare providers ensure their care delivery supports the patient’s overall wellbeing. If your organisation is one of these key players in the sector whose innovations continue to enhance healthcare delivery, you and your business are exactly who Global Health & Pharma readers are continually eager to learn about. From artificial intelligence and big data, to EHR and digital referral systems, we are dedicated to presenting our audience with the latest developments and advancements which allow the Private Healthcare sector to thrive! Introduction 695 GBP Full page of editorial Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo Shipping included Bronze Package Complimentary Package Entry into the SEO Private Healthcare Awards 2023 Directory Access to & use of the official press release www.ghp-news.com

995 GBP Two pages of editorial (double page spread) Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo Personalised digital certificate Shipping included Silver Package Gold Package 1,595 GBP Front cover logo (your company logo on the front cover of the annual magazine) 2 pages of editorial (double page spread) Bespoke trophy Personalised digital logo Personalised digital certificate Shipping included www.ghp-news.com

4,995 GBP Main front cover image & headline 4 pages of editorial 2 bespoke trophies Wall plaque Personalised digital logo Personalised digital certificate 8-page digital e-magazine with 100 prints dedicated solely to your company Double page spread in a future issue of Global Health & Pharma Shipping included The Editor’s Choice Package 2,995 GBP Supporting front cover image & headline 2 pages of editorial (double page spread) Bespoke trophy Wall plaque Personalised digital logo Personalised digital certificate 4-page digital e-magazine dedicated solely to your company Shipping included Platinum Package www.ghp-news.com

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