GHP Media Pack

Acquisition International magazine’s annual awards have been highlighting the amazing work done by firms and individuals. With a focus on those committed to a ceaseless dedication to innovation, customer care and the continued growth and improvement of their businesses. Our programmes cover a wide range of sectors, allowing us to showcase the bril liance of an array of companies and the individuals driving them to excellence. Thanks to our industry contacts and our in-house expertise, we can put forward companies achieving truly amazing goals. To make our programmes a true representation of the best companies from around the world, we open our online nomination form up to our readers, so they may nominate either their own company or one they would like to see win. Integrity is at the heart of these programmes, and to make them a real representation of these incredibly diverse markets, we have ensured that there are no barriers to entry by making the process completely free to enter or win. Once they have been notified of their success, winners are offered the choice of taking the complimentary package or purchasing marketing materials to showcase their success to the fullest. Whatever they choose, our expert team works alongside all our winners so that they can make the most out of their achievement. Some award packages available include a trophy, we are pleased to offer standing glass, wall plaque, and slate versions to accompany your award title. Awards With a global reach of healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals, the GHP readers include some of the world’s leading decision makers in their sectors. These leaders and innovators need to keep up with the latest news and features across the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and our vast library of articles can assist with this. For our readers, staying up to date is crucial, and they only want to hear from the best, and as such we work with industry leaders from around the world. If it’s important to business then it’s important to us, and as such we are always searching for the latest cutting-edge insight to share with our readership who include: Our Online Readers Audience North America 35.45% Audience Europe 26.35% Audience Asia 26.87% Audience Africa 4.68% Audience Central & South America 2.13% Audience Australasia 4.52%