2018 Social Care Awards

GHP / Social Care Awards 2018 15 , Tomorrow’s Voices is the only early intervention centre on the island of Bermuda, and as there is a lack of certified professionals in Bermuda to support the autistic population the centre’s services are high in demand and often directly listed as recommendations on diagnostic reports from overseas hospitals. Thea provides more detail on the support and services that the organisation provides. “Here at Tomorrow’s Voices, we use the highly evidence-based practice of applied behavior analysis (ABA) teaching method to work in a variety of capacities with our clients who have autism or other developmental disabilities. We utilize this approach, overseen by board certified behavior analysts, to ensure that all clients are receiving the highest quality of individualized therapy based on international recognized standards. “Therapy is provided through our main service of one-on- one in-house clinical services with clients between the ages of 2-21. Our in-house clinical service is an intensive teaching environment where we teach our clients a wide range of essential skills that are socially significant SO180019 Best Early Autism Intervention Program - Caribbean Tomorrow’s Voices - Bermuda AutismEarly InterventionCentrewas created by parents of Autistic children to address their unique needs and support parents throughout the region.We invited Thea Furbert, Co-Founder and Board Chair, to tell usmore about the crucial support that the centre provides. to both them and their families. Our consulting services provides essential training and support to parents and other professionals, as well as assisting clients in other environments, such as the home or school. Many of our clients require trained staff in order to effectively access their community in a meaningful way. Additionally, our social skills groups and summer camp both provide an essential service to provide clients with an environment to facilitate enjoyment, peer engagement, and community interaction.” At the end of 2017 Tomorrow’s Voices reached its 10 year anniversary, and moving forward Company: Tomorrow’s Voices - Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre Name: Thea Furbert (Co-Founder & Board Chair) Address: Bay View, #4 Happy Valley Road, Pembroke, HM19, Bermuda Telephone: +441 297 4342 Web Address: www.tomorrowsvoices.bm it will remain focused on its core principals so that it can continue providing these exceptional services for many more years to come, as Thea concludes. “Ultimately, the focus of our program is on measured outcomes achieved. Our job is to make sure these outcomes are meaningful and add to an individual’s quality of life. The primary beneficiaries of our service provision are the clients and their families that we work with. Improving their quality of life is our primary goal, and we directly see them living more happy and productive lives as a result of the intensive support they receive.”

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