2018 Social Care Awards

GHP / Social Care Awards 2018 5 also achieved ‘Supporting People’ accreditation, which provides authorities with further proof of our viability as a well- managed and financially stable organisation, capable of meeting their needs. We currently support a wide range of service users, working extensively with social care teams in Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Humberside. Our values and quality standards are central to our unique, responsive services. Based on our long- term experience of working with service users across the North of England over the last 19 years, we have developed into a highly competent, responsive accommodation and support service provider. During this time, we have extended our range of services to cover, outreach support with accommodation, outreach support in their own homes, shared accommodation, group living, a 24/7 on-call service as well as emergency placements.” To ensure that every service user is fully supported, the organisation has a rigorous process and works hard to ensure that those it supports are helped to regain their independence in a safe environment, as Chris highlights. “Bedspace source most of its accommodation from within the private rented sector where we have established relationships with accommodation providers across the North of England. We have well established policies and procedures for dealing with the sourcing, acquisition and maintenance of properties. Bedspace is responsible for the payment of rent, until the service user is ready to take on the tenancy. At this point, given the right circumstances Bedspace would recommend the service user to the landlord/ agent and transfer the tenancy into their name. By keeping a small number of private rented properties available we can react to placement requests by Local Authorities at very short notice or alternatively it can be used in an emergency by our service users. “As part of this commitment to supporting service users we employ REDI, a fully documented method that ensures Bedspace deliver a transparent, cost effective and high-quality product to our service users and local authority clients. It covers the full life cycle of our service delivery from initial referral through to preparing vulnerable people for independent living. At every step of the process REDI enforces high standards of professionalism and supervision, encapsulating industry best practice to maximise the potential of every person entrusted to us. All Bedspace staff and managers follow the same rigorous working procedures; nothing is left to chance, and nothing is overlooked. REDI divides our process into four distinct phases. We believe that every young person has the capability to achieve great things. “Therefore, from the very first meeting we work out a detailed road-map of what each young person can realistically aspire to during their time with us. Using the ASDAN framework we identify specific, measurable targets. Our support team then plan a timetable of activities that will deliver these outcomes. These targets are agreed, documented and proactively monitored, giving visibility of progress to Bedspace management, the Local Authority, and the young people themselves. At the first signs of issues, there are well establishes procedures that trigger management interventions to address and correct any problems. Where necessary we will revise the targets and adjust the road-map, keeping it realistic and attainable. As a placement draws to a close we work with the young person, Local Authority and landlord to secure the best possible move-on options. At the end of every placement we carry out a formal case review. Any lessons learned are fed back into the REDI method as part of our continuous quality improvement programme.” Looking ahead, this focus on continuingly improving and developing its service offering will remain central to Bedspace’s approach as it seeks to continue to build upon its current success and support an even wider range of service users. Company: Supported accommodation - Bedspace Resource Ltd Contact: Chris Wareing Address: 9 Lockside Office Park, Lockside Road, Preston, PR2 2YS, UK Phone: 01772766480 Web Address: www.bedspace.co.uk

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