GHP Q1 2018

GHP / Q1 2018 15 A Story of Hair Regeneration g she is looking forward to a future with an abundance of healthy hair. Deborah still does not know what caused her hair loss to begin with, but she does know that a solution now exists, which fits perfectly with her natural and healthy lifestyle and that actually works. Peter Feldman has announced that Replenology, targeting 21 known causes of hair loss, is now commercially available world-wide as a vegan and clean label product, void of any harmful ingredients and verified by the American organization, Environmental Working Group ( . The product has been certified Drug Free by the Banned Substances Control Group (www. ), providing athletes and all professionals a product for hair loss that is both effective and safe. The Replenology Hair supplement has been approved by one of the most rigorous government regulatory agencies for natural health products. Health Canada licensed Replenology with 44 health claims, including supporting normal hair growth. In addition, laboratory studies have been undertaken to evaluate the effect of Replenology on hair stem cells. Test results demonstrate Replenology’s ability to activate and regenerate these stem cells - a crucial factor in the reawakening of dormant hair follicles. These findings, along with the 21 known causes of hair loss are summarised in the booklet 21 TO GROW TM . The booklet can be found at It has been a 10-year journey for Deborah, but with the creation of Replenology Hair it is a journey that she now travels with a positive outlook and a lot more hair. She is excited to continue the journey, and to share her personal story with all those who have been searching for the natural, healthy, scientifically developed, and personally proven hair loss solution that Replenology Hair provides. Web: Facebook /Twitter/Instagram: Replenology “Deborah believes that, given the choice, nearly everyone would prefer to have a full head of healthy hair. She no longer has to worry about covering up the bald or thinning patches.”