GHP Q1 2018

GHP / Q1 2018 17 Global Leadership Driven by Innovation and Uncompromising Excellence g Operations throughout Europe for Teva Pharmaceuticals tells us how the firm is always looking for new information and how to provide, whilst also stating his shock at how may misconceptions there were about the impact MS had on family planning. “As a whole, we are always trying to better understand all aspects of MS and we commissioned this survey to explore how women with MS cope with family planning. “We were really surprised that misconceptions about family planning continue to persist despite medical advances in the MS field. Also, we are committed to ensuring that women with MS and their HCPs are given access to the resources they need, and for this purpose we have partnered with touchNEUROLOGY ® to empower women with MS and their HCPs to engage about this important topic.” Moving forward, Teva are looking to find solutions to different aspects of MS, whether it be looking at ways to try and treat the disease, or making sure that everyone is aware of the symptoms and side effects of possessing the disease. Going ahead with its family planning toolkit, Teva and its partners are looking to address the misconceptions highlighted by the survey, and they want to spark deeper dialogue between women with MS and Healthcare Partners. Company: Teva Website: