GHP Q1 2018

6 GHP / Q1 2018 , BB121703 Cutting Edge Skincare Inspired by the clients she has advised over the past two decades at her award-winning Harley Street clinic, Founder & Skin Expert, Zaheda Hafez utilised her expertise to create Zaheda Skincare, in collaboration with leading cosmetic scientists. We profile the product and examine what makes it so successful. Zaheda Skincare ensures that clients receive the maximum benefit from a simple day routine to quickly reveal a more beautiful and glowing complexion. Marine and botanical actives work synergistically in this science-led formulation, and the rich nature of algae means that it can provide immeasurable benefits in one unique formulation to keep the skin more plump, supple firm and youthful. Zaheda tells us from experience what she believes are the vital aspects of creating beautiful skin. “In my professional experience, I believe above all beautiful skin starts with superior skin care and a simple daily routine. Simply follow my 3 Steps Skin Care Schedule to beautiful glowing skin.” Guaranteeing results which will satisfy its clients, Zaheda has set out a 3-step plan for users to follow, and following this procedure means that clients are certain to gain the best outcome, resulting in beautiful skin complexion. “Following The 3 Steps Skin Care Schedule, clients are able to choose three products in total. One Cleanser, One Exfoliator, and One Moisturiser. Clients should then simply cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise twice a day, to reveal and maintain more glowing youthful looking skin.” From the Zaheda Skincare range clients can choose the best products for their skin type. • Deep Sea Cleanse • Ocean Tone • Ultra Smooth Sea Polish • Sea Collagen Marine Serum • Marine Fluid Shine Free • Marine Boost Super Serum • Ultimate Youth Lift • Ultra Light Derma White • Sea Collagen Marine Body Serum Testimony to its success, Ingeborg van Lotringen, Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan UK, reviewed Zaheda Skincare, saying that it is a skincare product which is “ creating loads of buzz among those in the know right now ”, hinting that the product comes recommended highly by independent professionals in the beauty sector. Vital to its success, Zaheda Skincare is the latest in a successful line of products produced by Zaheda herself, and leaving clients satisfied, these products will continue to be successful. This skincare range is guaranteed to attract more clients and users to Zaheda’s expertise and her Harley Street clinic, enabling her to further capitalise on her achievements. Company: Zaheda Skincare Address: 1 Harley Street, London, W1 Phone: 0207 307 8712 Website: