GHP Q1 2018

8 GHP / Q1 2018 , Driven to Success in Dentistry Scott Arms Dental Practice is one of the largest dental practices in the country, offering a range of services to support its valued patients. We invited Practice Owner Dr Phil Tangri to tell us how the organisation came to achieve Excellence inHealthcare andMedicine: Best Dental Clinic - Midlands, UK in our prestigious GHP Global Excellence 2017 Awards. Established in 1994 Scott Arms Dental Practice has flourished since inception and has grown from 2 to 16 surgeries over the last 23 years, seeing over 250,000 patients. Phil discusses what the practice does to ensure excellence for its patients. “Here at Scott Arms Dental Practice, we go above and beyond for our patients, providing a 24- hour emergency helpline on Friday and Saturday evenings along with emergency dental care until 11pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have at least two dentists on each evening, supported by a team of nurses and receptionists. Not only is this fantastic for our patients’ who are able to get in quickly if they need us, but for those in the wider community. hospitals and clinics refers many patients to us who cannot get emergency care. Whether they are registered with us or not, we get them an appointment within 24 hours.” What sets Scott Arms Dental Practice apart is its dedicated staff, all of whom work hard to ensure excellence for every patient. The training offered at Scott Arms Dental Practice is vast. Phil takes groups of dentists out for dinner twice a week for clinical tutorials. Clinical cases, radiographs and study models are discussed at great length. Not only does this help the dentists develop their knowledge and skills further, but also creates great team morale, they are able to build friendships with their colleagues outside of the clinical environment. For the nurses, sedation and radiography courses are supplied by the practice and are held on site regularly. They have also had in guest speakers such as Kevin Lewis (head of dental protection), Ashley Latter, Laura Horton and Chris Orr. Dentists are not the only ones to benefit from above and beyond training, but so does the reception and nursing team. Lunch and learns, CPD and many other training sessions are put on for the staff to develop further as a team. A radiography course is put on for those nurses, enabling them to take OPGs. Senior staff meetings and reception huddles are held daily. The frequency of these meetings, dedication and team work from the staff ensure any problem that may have arisen is addressed immediately and circulated via email to the rest of the team. Not only does this keep team morale high but helps to keep the team communicating effectively. Providing all this training ensures that staff work hard to support patients and feel safe and supported in their roles. As such, it is no wonder that Phil is eager continue as it seeks to enhance its service offering, as Phil concludes. “Going forward, we plan to begin offering anti-ageing services, along with medical services such as blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and genetic testing in conjunction with our doubly qualified dentist and doctor Oliver Tabbenor. This will provide us with many exciting opportunities for further growth and success.” Contact: Phil Tangri Address: 914-916 Walsall Road, Great Barr, Birmingham, B42 1TG, UK Phone: 0121 357 5000 Website: to highlight his firm’s dedicated staff on how they work with clients to ensure that they receive the support and treatment they need. “Unique to our practice is our amazing hospitality staff, and treatment and implant co- ordinators. The hospitality staff go above and beyond for our patients, making them beverages and sitting in the waiting room with them. They talk with the patients, putting them at ease and making their visit even more enjoyable. Our treatment and implant co- coordinators go that extra mile for the patients. Taking them out of the clinical setting to a relaxing room to discuss treatment plans and further options at great length.” Looking to the future, the practice’s patient centred approach will