Q1 2019

10 GHP / Q1 2019 , Nov18983 Jan De Caluwe is a leading Implantologist working out of Antwerp in Belgium. InNovember, Janwas recognised in the 2018 Oral Health &Dentistry Awards programme as the ‘Leading Specialist in Implantology in Belgium’. We spoke with Jan, who offered an insight into Implantology’s immediate future. Leading Innovation in Implantology With over forty years of experience in traditional dental surgery, Jan De Caluwe BVBA has been a longstanding stalwart in the region, recognised for excellence in the field. Since the late 1980s, the field of Implantology has accelerated rapidly and now, with the very latest technologies, innovation is happening almost on a daily basis. Jan was eager to place himself as one of the ‘go-to’ experts in Belgium, working tirelessly to ensure that his skills aligned with one of the fastest developing sub-sectors in dentistry. “The specific focus of my office is implantology, working alongside clients of all ages – some are more than 75 years old. The practice already had forty years of specialised experience in normal surgery, including implants, bone augmentation and sinus lifting – both lateral and vertical. Because of the newest technologies, I follow national congresses and also, for example, the International Osteology Symposia in Monaco (the Osteology Foundation). For the moment, the implants are titanium, but the industry is constantly trying to find other materials that also offer 100% osteointegration”. Indeed, the dental implants are a swiftly growing sector, projected to be worth over $4 billion globally over the next couple of years. Over decade, CAD-CAM has revolutionised the industry, with its ability to create identical replicas in the place of lost teeth, resulting in zero bone loss – a rare result just a decade ago. But, as Jan points out, the future of the industry has revolved around sourcing the next new material, opening the door for further developments down the road. Jan is only one of a very few dental experts that operate out of the city of Antwerp: “My office is located in a residential area with a lot of prosperity. Ultimately, in my region, there aren’t many surgeons like me, so there isn’t much competition.” Finally, when it comes to the future of Jan De Caluwe BVBA, Jan was eager to discuss his legacy as he plans to secure his practice’s future for his clients. “An upcoming plan is that I want to enlarge my office with my daughters, and later on they are going to take over the office so continuity is assured for the clients.” Contact: Jan De Caluwe BVBA Address: Laar 14, 2630 Aartselaar, Antwerp, Belgium