Q1 2019

GHP / Q1 2019 23 Six Benefits of Enterprise Imaging Platforms to Deliver True Patient-centric Care systems integrated into the healthcare enterprise. • Enterprise mobile imaging. Mobile devices in the care setting ensure timely access to critical clinical resources and patient summaries at the point of care. A mobile medical imaging capability allows clinicians to quickly capture and directly integrate visible light images, videos, or notes with appropriate patient health records. • Collaborative care and synchronization. An enterprise imaging platform embedded with powerful clinical collaboration and synchronization tools can significantly enhance patient centricity and care personalization. • Cognitive intelligence and analytics capabilities. An enterprise imaging solution with a built-in analytics engine can extract vital health information from complex, heterogeneous data sources while understanding unstructured clinical notes in the right context to identify high-risk patients and provide timely intervention. • Healthcare compliance and monitoring adherence. A well-implemented enterprise imaging platform can store and distribute clinical contents in standardized healthcare data formats supporting all clinical ologies and reduce storage costs with information life cycle management tools and business continuity solutions coupled with disaster recovery.