Q1 2019

8 GHP / Q1 2019 , Jan19147 Launched inNovember 2017, Professional Partners for Controlled Environment (PP4CE) is a strategic alliance uniting experts froma range of technology and engineering sectors. In January, the partnership PP4CEwas recognised in Global Health & PharmaMagazine’s 2018 Technology Awards as a unique cooperation of professional companies, creating innovative Controlled Environment initiatives for a broad number of industries on an international scale. We spoke with Geerd Jansen, General Manager of Brecon International B.V. – the initiator of the PP4CE concept – to find out more about their work. An Expert Partnership That Champions Flexibility, Quality, and Reliability in the Cleanroom and Controlled Environment Market Sector Ultimately, PP4CE was created to tackle a growing need for true scalability in the cleanroom market segment. It’s no secret that a growing trend towards globalisation has had an immense impact on the way companies around the world conduct business. Many industries have the benefit of flexibility, and a relative ease when it comes to operating in overseas markets – a flexibility that controlled environments and cleanroom specialists do not. It’s a sector that is intrinsically tied to regulations and ever-tightening universal standards. Indeed, in many ways, success depends entirely on an ability to adapt to these regulations, with the expertise and knowledge-base to meet the highest-possible standards. This goes hand in hand with the fact that one of the largest concerns for large-scale conglomerates is reputational damage – more so than cyber crime or increasing competition. For businesses that operate within particularly regulated industries, this need to stay at the cutting edge of their sector remains mission critical, as Geerd explains further. “We see a number of issues that PP4CE regularly faces as an organization, with a need to establish a solution. Examples include customer questions regarding current legislation and regulations, innovative solutions or ideas in the design phase, how to prevent interruptions in business operations and of course the legal liability is always an issue, whether it concerns environmental or safety or product liability! In all cases, reputational damage remains a major concern, especially for markets such as the Food, Health Care or the Pharmaceutical sector. “ “Because of the new rules, more products are classified in a higher risk class. For manufacturers this may mean a series of changes. Both design, production and distribution processes may need to be adjusted and tested more heavily by Notified Bodies. This also means that the facility, where production and logistics take place, may have to meet higher requirements. GMP regulations are adopting new insights, ISO standards are changing and it’s all in all a challenging time!” It was no surprise then that Brecon International B.V, a well-regarded entity in the field with over 25 years of experience in cleanroom construction, saw the need for a group that could operate on a truly international scope with the experience to abide by a variety of regulatory issues. PP4CE was created on the back of this global demand, and it has thrived because of it. Each partner within PP4CE contributes to a greater whole – each is specialised in a unique aspect of clean room design, manufacturing and installation. Besides Brecon, these partners are: STULZ GmbH, one of the world’s market leaders in energy efficient temperature and humidity control solutions; Camfil, a global leader in the air filtration industry; Deerns, an international

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