GHP Q2 2018

22 GHP / Q2 2018 , Joint Venture confirmed for MedtecLIVE Yesterday, 18th April 2018, exhibition organisers UBM and NürnbergMesse received formal approval from the German Federal Cartel Office for their proposed Joint Venture and will now move forward with the launch of a new medical technology exhibition, MedtecLIVE. This approval cements the partnership between UBM and NürnbergMesse and confirms that MedtecLIVE will be held in Nuremberg from 21-23 May 2019. The new exhibition will replace the organisers’ previous formats, Medtec Europe and MT- CONNECT. Strategically located in the heart of two of the strongest medical device manufacturing hubs in Europe and Germany, Baden Wurttemberg and Bavaria, MedtecLIVE will provide a solid European platform for the medical device industry, at the scale needed to drive business development and innovation. The new format will build upon the existing strengths of both Medtec Europe and MT- CONNECT, offering combined event registration numbers of 8,300+, 650+ combined exhibitors, a 130,000-strong database and the engagement of more than 175+ industry experts to advise on and deliver high- level content.[1] In addition, MedtecLIVE will offer a strategic advantage through capitalising on the expertise of both organisers. The combined efforts of UBM and NürnbergMesse will engage a network of both German speaking and wider European attendees, delivering a truly European event. Furthermore, NürnbergMesse will provide an improved experience for all participants by taking the lead on full-scale operational management. Combining the strongest elements of both events, the MedtecLIVE exhibition will span the supply chain of medical device technology, showcasing solutions from prototyping to full- scale manufacturing and post- manufacturing. This European focused event will also offer high- quality scientific content, through the renowned MedTech Summit. The response from the market on the launch of MedtecLIVE has been overwhelmingly positive, with multiple Medtec Europe exhibitors already looking to secure exhibition space in Nuremberg. Anke Rosemann, Country Manager – Germany & Netherlands at Brainport Industries Medizintechnik Holland said “We see the cooperation of MT-CONNECT and Medtec Europe as a constructive and sound decision for the whole medical technology industry. From 2019 onwards, we anticipate a high-quality exhibition which will engage a large number of visitors and exhibitors from the forefront of the industry.” Declan Costello, Senior Engineering Program Manager at Medtronic said “MedtecLIVE will take Medtec Europe to the next level, providing all key players in the medical technology space with an exceptional experience and opportunity.” Dr. Andreas Herrmann of VDI said “...we are delighted to hear of the partnership between Medtec Europe and MT Connect. In the interest of our members and the medical technology industry, we wholeheartedly support this new trade show concept and look forward to working together.” Nicole Kasischke, Director of New Business Development at BYTEC Medizintechnik GmbH said “We are excited that these two exhibitions will join forces, combining their individual strengths and experience. One standalone exhibition featuring an interesting conference program will have clear benefits for both visitors and exhibitors.” John van der Valk, Managing Director of UBM EMEA Amsterdam said “This week, at Medtec Europe 2018 we have already seen more content and learning opportunities than ever before, 15 innovative Start-Ups present new solutions at our Start-Up Academy, live product demos on the show floor and for the first time – a forum for young professionals in Med Tech. All opportunities currently offered to our attendees will grow and develop through creating an expanded MedtecLIVE in Nuremberg, building on 21 years of success and expertise.”