GHP Q2 2018

GHP / Q2 2018 7 Most Innovative Regenerative Medicine Research Company - USA g Company: Axolotl Biologix Contact: Bob Maguire Email: [email protected] Address: 1637 West Knudsen Drive, Phoenix, AZ, 85027, USA Phone: 001 602 354 3081 Website: https://www.axobio. com/ and development on Tropoelastin in based polymer materials has been very limited to date to a small group of academics and one Australian start up with no significant corporate support. Axolotl Biologix, through an exclusive license with Protein Genomics, has the developed know-how, proprietary information and patents to develop Tropoelastin based polymers for clinical applications. No other company in the world can use Tropoelastin in medical applications, offering Axolotl Biologix a unique advantage. Today the firm markets three products utilizing this innovative technology, AxoBioFluid®C (Cryopreserved), AxoBioFluid®A (Ambient), and AxoBioMembrane™, all of which are classified as minimally manipulated under FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 1271 and section 361 of the PHS. AxoBioFluid® is available in two forms. The first product is a cryopreserved liquid allograft derived from the placental components of the amnion to advance soft tissue repair, replacement, and reconstruction. The second product is the same AxoBioFluid® and available in an ambient (room temperature) form, which allows for a two-year shelf life. Finally, AxoBioMembrane™ is a dehydrated human amnion membrane (dHAM) allograft and is composed primarily of a connective tissue matrix. It is minimally manipulated and provides the extracellular matrix and associated growth factors and cytokines that are normally present in amniotic tissue. The presence of the connective tissue matrix and associated factors help to regenerate soft tissue while inhibiting inflammation and scar tissue formation. Alongside its current projects, Axolotl Biologix has five products on the firm’s product roadmap today to help it build upon its current success and support even more patients around the world. Ultimately, Axolotl believes that greater levels of regeneration exist within our own bodies and that over time research will uncover this and lead to the development of innovative technologies that will allow humans to achieve what the Axolotl, a unique regenerating amphibian, already has. The company’s overall goal is to become a global leader in regenerative medicine through research, technology, and clinical application. As such, more discoveries and greater research into the area of regeneration will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it seeks to achieve what these ambitious salamanders already have.