GHP Q2 2018

8 GHP / Q2 2018 , Creating a World of Good Health, Happiness and Hope Intas Pharmaceuticals announces European Commission approval and completion of its purchase of an Out-licensing basket of products from TEVA. We profile the transaction as we aim to find out more about Intas’ ongoing success. Boasting three decades of experience, all of which is moulded into world-class healthcare expertise, Intas is today one of the leading global pharmaceutical formulation development, manufacturing and marketing companies headquartered in India. With the entire team at Intas working with an overall mission of ensuring every client receives only the best possible service, the company strives to learn and lead with a steadfast commitment to provide efficient and affordable health to all. On a daily basis, everybody at Intas works with a vision of creating a world of good health, happiness and hope, and the team achieves this alongside delivering exceptional customer service to clients. Holding a strong, worldwide presence throughout the industry, Intas is one of the top 10 Indian pharmaceutical companies, operating with an annual turnover in excess of US$ 1.3 Billion, of which approximately 60% comes from international operations. Ensuring pharmaceutical excellence across the globe, Intas operates over 10 manufacturing facilities worldwide, and these facilities have regulatory approvals from multiple global agencies, all of which enjoy an excellent reputation for quality and compliance. From its Global Licensing office in Barcelona, the Intas B2B team is out-licensing a portfolio of more than 100 products to a platform of 90+ customers globally. Above all, the company has workforce brimming with extensive experience and every employee has an impressive skillset, and this is an important aspect of the company’s forward- thinking success. Amongst the global team of 13,000 people, there are over 800 scientists who all spend approximately 6% of sales on R+D per year. Looking to capitalise on its success, Intas is building its impressive reputation of delivering world-class products on a global stage, and currently embraces over 3000 live product registrations. The company has successfully increased its R&D and manufacturing competency, meaning it can enter into product alliances and strategic tie-ups which will help build business efficiencies for its partners. Across both Europe and the US, the firm typically works with multinational generic companies, retail pharma chains, distributors and hospitals. Thanks to its territory specific marketing approach, Intas is able to leverage its strong product basket and pipeline, something which also encompasses animal healthcare and a biosimilar range of products. Although able to stand on its own two feet, Intas has a strong support network, and is supported in its mission of establishing itself as the leader in the pharmaceutical industry, through its extensive network of branch offices and subsidiaries spanning USA, Canada, Europe, Central & Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific as well as CIS and MENA countries. Highlighting its achievements, Intas has been able to acquire certain rights in its mission to embark on even more accomplishments. Continuing on a journey of success, Intas Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce EC approval has been granted for its purchase of rights to a portfolio of 12 products from TEVA. Importantly, this transaction forms part of the European Commission’s (EC) anti-trust divestiture requirements arising from TEVA’s acquisition of Allergan’s generics business, more commonly referred to as the ‘Out-licensing Basket’ and is one of the “baskets” acquired by Intas Group from TEVA. As part of a domino effect, the finalisation of this transaction follows the completion of Accord Healthcare’s acquisition of the Actavis UK & IE business from TEVA in January last year. In some interesting facts regarding the transaction, this deal includes Intas now having the rights to 12 products, along with the associated supply contracts to a platform of more than 25 different customers within the European Union. Previously, this aspect of business was led by TEVA’s outlicensing unit, Medis. As part of the transaction, the products included in the basket are Acetylsalicylic acid, Alendronic acid, Ipatropium+Salbutamol, Lisinopril, Oxaliplatin lyophilized and liquid, Risedronic acid, Triamterene+HCTZ, Nifedipine, Benazepril, Benazepril+HCTZ and Quinapril+HCTZ. Discussing the transaction which has produced the desired outcome on both sides, Marc Comas, EVP-Global Licensing and Third Party Sales for Intas stated that it has always been a 1804GH01