GHP Q3 2018

10 GHP / Q3 2018 , A Renowned Leader in TMJ Dysfunction Relief TMJ Massage Therapies ® offers a non-invasive and long-lasting pain relief for those plagued by temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. In late June, TMJ Massage Therapies was recognised in Global Health & Pharma Magazine’s Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards programme with the title of Best Remedial Massage Specialist in Cornwall. On the back of the win, we spoke with Helen Baker, sole practitioner at TMJ Massage Therapies, to find out how she has become the leading expert in this highly-specialised area. Based out of the picturesque village of St Agnes on the north coast of Cornwall, TMJ Massage Therapies offers a bespoke treatment protocol to eliminate – or otherwise significantly reduce - jaw pain, crepitation, tension, headaches, migraines and tinnitus. Now a citizen of Australia having lived there for 10 years after moving from the UK, Helen has since become an expert in the field of temporomandibular joint pain, with an established history of client success, considerable practised experience, and a reputation for outstanding professionalism. No stranger to the discomfort of TMJ dysfunction herself after dislocating her jaw in 2007, Helen qualified as an Integrated Body Therapist in 2009, and worked at the Mosman Chiropractic Centre in Sydney until relocating to the UK in 2016. Since 2009, she has bolstered her considerable talent with years of academic study, completing diplomas in integrated body therapies, and remedial massage, alongside advanced training in aromatherapy and TMJ myofascial release. Equally, she has earned her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Management Studies and is a certified Yoga teacher, specialising in Yin and Restorative Yoga to help release facia throughout the body. Also, she is the co-founder of Ignite AMH18042 Life, Cornwall. Yoga & Positive Psychology Day Retreats. Many of Helen’s clients have lived with chronic temporomandibular joint pain, and other associated conditions, for years, where conventional medicine has only failed. Indeed, Helen has become, in recent years, a key practitioner in the greater field of alternative medicine, with clients referred to her through their Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and GPs. It would be no overstatement to suggest that she is an expert voice in the treatment of TMJ, with many of her clients finding a welcome reprieve from years of pain. This plays directly into Helen’s overall goal for TMJ Massage Therapies - to offer training to therapists across the UK, and to help train others in the techniques that have served her so well; “TMJ Massage Therapies is now offering training and workshops to manual therapists & medical practitioners who are looking to significantly enhance knowledge and confidence in practice when presented with a client with TMJ dysfunction. These courses blend theory, scientific research and practical elements together to teach the TMJ Massage Therapies treatment protocol. Each workshop or course is geared towards dedicated, results orientated therapists and all