GHP Q3 2018

GHP / Q3 2018 11 A Renowned Leader in TMJ Dysfunction Relief g health practitioners seeking to further their practice & knowledge in the field of TMJ Dysfunction.” We asked Helen what makes TMJ Massage Therapies unique in the field of alternative medicine, “TMJ Massage Therapies believes in a whole-body approach to treating TMJ Dysfunction. The role of Fascia is 100% evident in each treatment. This bespoke treatment aims to affect the whole person, emotionally, physically and energetically, by way of altering the physical structure of fascia.” In terms of current developments for the company, Helen is approaching specialised hearing consultants to help them aid those with tinnitus as a result of TMJ dysfunction, “I am currently working closely with local hearing specialists and clients who are suffering with TMJ-related tinnitus. TMJ myofascial release & TMJ Massage Therapies is proving very helpful to dull & lessen the ringing tone by reducing the pressure & tension around the middle ear. I am super excited to be working with hearing & tinnitus experts, as well as long-term sufferers to help find solutions to this life changing, extremely annoying and very common complaint.” Finally, Helen discusses the future of TMJ Massage Therapies – a future defined by expansion and training those in the UK and abroad, “Over the next two years, I plan to roll out my TMJ Massage Therapies training and workshop program to cover the rest of the UK and Europe as well as working on an online program accessible to clients and practitioners.” By all regards, this seems like a natural extension to Helen’s proactivity in the sector, driven, simply, by a need to help others live healthier, better, pain- free lives. Global Health and Pharma’s Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards were launched to shine a spotlight on the work of extraordinary professionals in this often-overlooked field. It is no secret to say that conventional medicine and well-worn techniques can fail in adequately treating an ailment or relieving a person’s discomfort. In those situations, it is often apt to seek professional help in specialised fields that have been honed over centuries to offer a reprieve from pain. Helen Baker is a specialist with dozens of satisfied clients, and can – by any metric – be considered an expert in her field. Contact: Helen Baker Company: TMJ Massage Therapies® Address: Wellness Room, 14 Vicarage Road, St Agnes, Cornwall, UK Website: Telephone: 07931709034