GHP Q3 2018

GHP / Q3 2018 13 with Fundación Mundo Sano ( ), an organisation dedicated to the practical and applied research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD). Subsequently, mAbxience’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most innovative technology in the sector. The company uses single-use technology in both manufacturing plants. Furthermore, its manufacturing facilities have received official approvals from different regulatory agencies (Spain and Argentina, among others). Staying true to its ethos and values, mAbxience is working to increase patients’ global accessibility. Its pipeline consists of six drugs, mainly biosimilar monoclonal antibodies, focused on oncology and autoimmune diseases. Across the globe, the research company’s network is continually expanding with new partners collaborating with mAbxience every day. Crucial to this success is the organisation’s B2B model, which allows the company to operate around the world via robust commercial relationships with local partners, who are all leaders in the market. As a result of the long-term partnerships which the firm has built, alongside its fantastic reputation, mAbxience has consolidated its presence in over 100 countries across the globe. Striving to achieve excellence in all areas, the team truly are committed to driving excellence for all of its partners. At mAbxience, driving patient accessibility to treatments is a reality. Evidence of its increasing global exposure is that more than 5,000 patients (62,668 units) have been treated with its biosimilars Novex ® (rituximab) and Bevax® (bevacizumab). Ultimately, mAbxience is able to achieve world-class status through its excellence and quality in manufacturing, as well as the mature and efficient supply chain, plus the flexibility to adapt to the commercial challenges faced by each market. Additionally, its deep commitment to this partnership is what has assured its success as a key global player in the industry, from its early beginnings to its current position. Company: mAbxience Research, S.L. Address: C/Manuel Pombo Angulo, 28, 3rd Floor, Madrid, 28050, Spain Phone: 0034 91 771 15 00 Website: Creating Strong Value in Biosimilars g