GHP Q3 2018

GHP / Q3 2018 15 think you are ready you need regulatory approvals too! If I had another few pages I would be pleased to go into some of the detail but for now all I can say is you need advice from people who know, take the budget and double it and the timeline too. The rewards when you get to the finish line are clear for everyone Bringing the New Science of Enzyme Indicators to Market g to see but the process itself is expensive on many levels that go way beyond financial. To have been awarded CEO of the year, means something. It’s very seldom anyone says thank you to the boss for a job well done. More of my working life has been leading a team than anything else, so I do have to say a thank you for the award. Really, it’s a team award and I just happen to be leading. Protak is now delivering great benefit to our partners and that is a hugely satisfying feeling. Our company is now represented in every continent and I am sure over the coming years we will transform decontamination validation and lead new frontiers of process understanding. Company: Protak Scientific Limited Luminox House Holmethorpe Avenue, Redhill, Surrey, UK, RH1 2NL Telephone: +44 (1306) 611 612 Web Address: