GHP Q3 2018

18 GHP / Q3 2018 , Clinigen Group in a rapidly-growing specialty pharmaceutical company based out of Burton-on-Trent in the United Kingdom. In May, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Shaun Chilton, was recognised by Global Health & Pharma Magazine as 2018’s Pharmaceutical CEO of the Year. Following this achievement, we looked to profile this innovative firm to see how they have made their remarkable impression in the healthcare industry. Formed through a merger in 2010, Clinigen was created to fulfil an urgent need in the global pharmaceutical landscape – that a substantial number of the world’s population has little or no access to medication. Regardless of whether the issues have their roots in logistic, or bureaucratic, disruption, Clinigen have the connections to find a solution. More simply, they connect a source with demand, providing an invaluable resource for the healthcare sector. To give an example, they frequently work with medicines that have been regulatory-approved but remain unlicensed in certain countries or regions. Ultimately, Clinigen work across three fronts, providing ethically- sourced pharmaceuticals through clinical trials, unlicensed product distribution and typical commercial routes. Further, they are firm believers in the ethical access to unlicensed products to help stem the growth of placebos, alongside unsafe or counterfeit medications online. To achieve this, Clinigen has over 800 global experts working over eleven locations around the world. They are a practised, highly capable workforce who work every day to deliver their promise of “Right Medicine, Right Patient, Right Time”. As of this year, they have shipped 9.5 million units and forged over 6000 pharmacists and 250 pharmaceutical company partnerships. This is evident of Clinigen’s strong growth in the sector, on the back of greater connectivity between physicians, pharmacists and their suppliers. Indeed, this ‘connectivity’ means laypeople, in turn, are becoming more knowledgeable of alternative medicines. Equally, as the counterfeit market sees dramatic increases year on year, Clinigen has seen an increasing demand for their services. To support this growth, Clinigen launched their online platform, ‘Cliniport’, to act as a support service for some 10,000 healthcare practitioners to help them to source and order medications. Through this, they have developed a reputation as being “the Amazon of Unlicensed Medicines”, testifying to their importance in the sector. More recently, at the end of last year, Clinigen acquired Quantum Pharma, the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of unlicensed medications, which has increased their manufacturing and product development capabilities through 2018. By all regards, the future of Clinigen seems exceptionally promising; they are experts in a niche area of the pharmaceutical industry, offering a service that is desperately needed in a sector that is very much overdue for disruption. Contact: Shaun Chilton Company: Clinigen Group PLC Address: Piticairn House, Crown Square, First Avenue, Burton-on-Trent, DE14 2WW, UK Website: Telephone: +44 (0) 1283 494 340 1806GH02 Committed to Solving a Real Problem in the Healthcare Sector