GHP Q3 2018

20 GHP / Q3 2018 , Setting the Standard in Holistic Healthcare Holistic Health Care Centers, located in Lisle, Illinois, offers patients treatments that considers the mind, body and spirit’s role in the healing process. Earlier this year, the centre was named the ‘Best Complementary & Alternative Medicine Facility in Illinois’ in Global Health & Pharma Magazine’s 2018 Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards. Following this win, we profiled the centre to find out how they have established themselves as excellent practitioners in an incredibly competitive sector. Holistic Health Care Centers has built an unparalleled reputation on the back of four cornerstones of care, laying a foundation from the very start that has helped define their services and informed their approach to patient care. The first is the consideration of synergy in their services – utilising holistic treatments with scientific research to better treat their patients. The second is a focus on personalised care, understanding that ailments or health concerns often have an effect on multiple aspects of a person’s life. Their compassionate response to those that come seeking treatment speaks volumes and is echoed in their testimonials and reviews. Here are people that truly care about the results of their work, and they work diligently to help improve their patient’s overall health. Equally, Holistic Health Care Centers believes it is important to offer affordable treatment, and that everyone has a right to access holistic treatments. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they have a dedication to a holistic approach; incorporating an understanding of the causes and results of treatment on a patient’s health. Through this, they have firmly distinguished themselves from their peers and competitors. The sector has seen exponential growth in a world that is slowly realising the intrinsic, internal benefits of holistic healthcare and wellness therapies. More and more people are supplementing traditional medications with energy therapies, acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy and herbalism to attain a healthier and happier lifestyle. Holistic Health Care Centers specialize in all these areas and many more besides, offering multiple options to satisfy any need or requirement. All of their treatments are delivered via specially trained experts, ensuring that every patient is in the safest of hands, and offering no small amount of peace of mind when undergoing acupuncture or cupping appointments. Perhaps more importantly than all of this, is Holistic Health Care Center’s understanding that the treatment process is gradual, working alongside their patients every step of the way to help them achieve their personal wellness goals. Wellness is becoming an important market for an increasingly health-conscious global population. As a result, Global Health & Pharma’s Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Awards were launched to shine a spotlight on the emerging sector’s expert practitioners, in an industry that looks set to snowball in the coming years. Holistic Health Care Centers is the embodiment of this future, offering compassionate care with an informed and - above all -diligent approach to its treatments. Address: 3033 Ogden Ave, Suite 302, Lisle, Illinois Website: www. Telephone: +1 847 571 5455 AMH18040