GHP Q3 2018

22 GHP / Q3 2018 , Reaching New Heights in Luxury Supported Living Nowton Court Village offers supported living options in an extraordinary 19th century manor house on the edges of the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds. Earlier this year, Nowton Court were named among the winners of Global Health & Pharma Magazine’s Social Care Awards with the title of Most Luxurious Residential Care Home in East Anglia. In light of their achievement, we endeavoured to take a look behind the scenes of this outstanding establishment. Nowton Court Village’s first impression is a striking one; housed inside a 19th century residence, would be-guests are immediately impressed with its grand, yet welcoming, façade. Nestled on the edges Nowton Park, with its 200 acres of landscaped countryside, Nowton Court Village caters to just twenty-five residents at a time, ensuring that their high standards are maintained for each and every guest, regardless of their individual needs or requirements. Inside, the manor continues its mid-century design through its communal hotel-style dining room, library, media room and lounges. More importantly than all of that, Nowton Court Village embodies a luxurious quality in its services, and not just in its setting. All of the house’s staff hold a steadfast belief that Nowton offers a respite, with stress- free services and a reliance on ensuring independence – as much as possible- for their residents. Nowton is a place that showcases true compassion for those that stay within its walls, whether they are scheduled for the shortest of stays or more permanent supported living solutions. It is for the latter that Nowton Court was recognised by Global Health & Pharma. Catering to the over 55s, the house takes care of all housekeeping, meals and transport alongside providing a 24-hour concierge service. Again, the staff cherish the idea that residents will remain independent during their time at the house and make every concession to guarantee it. The experience can best be described as similar to that of a traditional hotel, with most of the amenities you would expect in that environment, alongside the care options of an assisted living facility. In line with this idea, the house has been designed to the most discerning of specifications, catering to the needs of its residents to best reflect the unofficial motto of Nowton Court – “no compromises” – every luxury you expect outside of the house will be delivered in it. Further, residents can expect access to a wellness centre, weekly Tai Chi sessions, art therapy and games afternoons, to name a few of the options available. Alongside long-term supported living solutions, Nowton offers options for convalescent breaks, post- operative support, and short break retreats, showcasing its flexible nature, and luxurious setting. For their uncompromising approach to luxury assisted living, Nowton has celebrated peerless reviews and resident testimonials, speaking as testament to the excellence quality of care that they exercise. Indeed. it would be no overstatement to suggest that Nowton Court Village is one of the best supported living providers in England, if not the entirety of the UK. Company: Nowton Court Village Address: Nowton Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP29 5LU, United Kingdom Website: Telephone: +44 (0) 1284 756610 SO180027