GHP Q4 2018

12 GHP / Q4 2018 , Feel Better Now is a specialised treatment roombased out of Lewisham in London. In October, Feel Better Nowwas recognised in GHPMagazine’sWinner’s Review programme with the title of ‘Best Massage Therapy Clinic’ in London. On the back of this success, we were eager to speak to the clinic’s Owner and Practitioner, Emilene Conder APCM, MLD, MFR, to find out more about her work in this emerging sector. The Expert in Clinical Massage Therapy The health and wellness sectors have boomed in recent years, as people start to realise the benefits of looking after both the mind and body. The modern age has become defined by instant access, digital noise, and hectic day to day affairs. Today’s world moves swiftly, and, in response, people are embracing yoga and meditation retreats, distancing themselves from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Equally, consumers are becoming more conscious of their body, in the wake of a global paradigm shift prompting a backlash against the unhealthy trends of the past. Gym attendance is up, wellness is in vogue, and superfoods are the go-to food choice for consumers across the planet. It’s a trend that only looks set to continue in the years to come. Clinics and spas too have experienced unprecedented growth over the last decade, benefitting from a renewed interest in holistic healthcare practices. In much the same vein, Feel Better Now was established to tackle a growing need for a specialised massage therapist dedicated to the treatment of chronic pain. Since its inception, Emilene Conder’s expertise in clinical massage techniques has garnered her an ardent following, and no small number of overwhelmingly positive client recommendations. Emilene starts the interview by offering some insight into her practice: “Feel Better Now started with relaxing massages, such as hot stones, before adding deep tissue, bamboo massage, and lava shells to the list of treatments. Clients have responded really well to the combination of hot stones and deep tissue treatments. We also offer a post-surgery manual lymphatic drainage massage option and have a high demand for massages post-liposuction.” This ties crucially into Feel Better Now’s mission which is, simply, to help clients recover and relax. “One of the core missions of Feel Better Now is to help clients to achieve the best possible results from liposuction procedures. We aim to establish long-term relationships with clients. This, in turn, helps to distinguish our services from potential competitors. We ensure that we provide the treatment best suited to a client’s needs.” Emilene continues, taking the time to discuss the industry as a whole in the region. “There are a large number of salons offering similar services in the area. With the current economic climate being uncertain, we aim to update our services regularly to maintain relevancy and keep our prices competitive.” As part of this, Emilene is looking to expand her premises and increase staffing in the coming months, enabling Feel Better Now to better serve their clients through providing a wider range of services. The conversation soon turns to the company’s success in the Winner’s Review programme. “It is an amazing feeling, I never thought I would have an Award so soon. My clinic is set up in my home- it is a small room, but it is nice, and I provide the best service I can for my clients. Results, for me, are incredibly important – that is why, before I bring my treatments into the clinic, I always go out and try them first.” Finally, in her closing comments, Emilene speaks on the important role client reviews and independent awards play in WR180027 legitimising small businesses. “Because I am based in a home studio, I know it is hard for clients who do not know me or my work to believe that I can solve their problems. However, when they see the reviews, and see the awards I’ve won, I am sure they will feel it is safe to book with me.” “I am very grateful for this recognition of my work and I look forward to achieving even higher standards in the future.” Small businesses, like Feel Better Now, play a crucial role in shaping the landscape of emerging markets. Emilene provides an exceptional, and vital, service to clients who have had little success with traditional medication, or prescribed treatments. For her work and expertise in clinical massage, she was recognised as the Best Massage Clinic in London. It is, by all regards, a well-deserved achievement.