GHP Q4 2018

GHP / Q4 2018 15 , Techmira describe themselves as a life enhancement product company, focusing on enhancing skin, teeth, water, food, power andwell-being. In late October, the firmwere recognised in Global Health&Pharma’s Animal HealthAwards programme forMira-Pet (sold under the name CleanyTeeth for Dogs in Europe) whichwas named ‘Best Dental Care Product’. Following this success, we profiled this exceptional firmto find outmore about their best in class product line. A Breakthrough Solution for Poor Pet Oral Hygiene Poor oral hygiene is a prevalent condition among pets of all shapes and sizes, with few companies moving to tackle a growing need for a global solution. Indeed, as Techmira were quick to point out, 80% of all dogs over the age of three suffer from periodontitis in some form. Compounding on this is an abundance of misinformation and poor advice that often only serves to worsen inflammation and tartar build-up. Hoping to become the leader in this newly emerging industry, Techmira released Mira-Pet in May 2018. As of publication, it is the only toothbrush technology currently on the market that can kill bacteria in gum pockets, fighting and reducing existing inflammation. As such, it remains the only choice for pet owners that want to actively tackle plaque build-up and improve their pet’s dental hygiene from the very first use, without a need for expensive and often stressful professional veterinary procedures. But, this is only the latest in a long line of success for Techmira, who have made their name on the back of bringing ground- breaking ultrasound technology into the home, whether that be to reduce wrinkles or improve human hygiene. One of their most recent products, Mira-Teeth, was a toothbrush designed to reduce plaque build-up in humans. This same proprietary technology has been tweaked to cater to the individual requirements of animal morphology. Though regular brushing is considered a preventative measure, human-designed toothbrushes are simply not fit for purpose when it comes to the shape of canine teeth and gums. Mira-Pet’s innovative brush head geometry, with has 3 sides, allows a thorough clean in less time than conventional designs, taking seconds and not minutes. Alongside the toothbrush, Techmira have designed a specially-formulated pet-compatible toothpaste that is safe for dogs to swallow. At the crux of Mira-Pet, as aforementioned – is Techmira’s proprietary ultrasound technology which has been specifically designed at a user-safe frequency that is vibration-free, meaning no movement of the brush is required to ensure that teeth are properly cleaned. For years now, ultrasound has been used across a wide variety of applications, most of which involve detailed, careful antibacterial cleaning. Only in the last decade have innovators grasped at the true scope of organic applications of the technology. It’s a market that looks set to grow swiftly over the next few years as people realise and capitalise on the remarkable benefits of utilising high frequency vibrations. For the time being at least, Techmira stands alone when it comes to creating effective technology that tackles pet oral hygiene, and so, were the only choice when it came to selecting the best dental care product for animal use. AH180018 Company: Techmira AG Address: Kirschgartenstrasse 7, Basel, 4051, Switzerland Website: +41 78 6686000 Telephone: / mira- pet (in the USA and Asia) cleanyteethpet/ (in Europe) USER GUIDE UG_EN_V1 Quickstart ›› page 11 ULTRASOUND TOOTH CLEANING FOR DOGS The ultrasound toothbrush for the antibacterial and gentle tooth cleaning for your dog