GHP Q4 2018

GHP / Q4 2018 27 Petco First and Only Major Retailer of Pet Food to Not Sell Food and Treats with Artificial Ingredients to research and purchase foods with natural ingredients. I think these well-informed pet owners will be pleased to know that they can count on Petco to stock the brands in which they believe, and I look forward to the rest of the industry following Petco’s lead.” Setting a new standard for nutrition is only the first step the company has planned in becoming the most trusted source for pet wellness. As part of this initiative, in 2019 Petco will also launch the Petco Pet Wellness Institute: a coalition of experts from all spectrums of pet health and wellness. Together, veterinarians, nutritionists, pet psychologists, academic researchers, and other credentialed leaders will ensure Petco is offering the best information, education, and services – not only for nutrition, but for a wide array of topics and issues impacting pets’ overall health and well-being. Part of the institute’s mandate will be funding evidence-based research to help further understand and define industry-wide issues, including the impact of food and ingredients on pet health. While data around pet wellness is currently limited, the institute will help provide clarity and inform Petco’s initiatives, ensuring the brand is continuing to meet the demands of modern pet parents. While Petco’s transformation will affect certain brands, and ideally motivate companies to change ingredients, the company already carries a full range of high-quality, specially formulated foods that already meet and even exceed its new standards. In addition, Petco currently offers a variety of products, services, and advice to help pet parents care for the complete health of their pets at every stage of life. Pet parents looking for guidance on what to feed their pets can find information available in- store by consulting with Petco’s knowledgeable employees (partners), including Petco Certified Pet Food Specialists, and online at betternutrition. “The goal here is superior health and well-being for the pets that bring so much love and joy to our lives,” said Coughlin. “Our bold nutrition stance combined with our continued expansion of veterinary services in our stores, are great examples of the many ways we’re evolving to meet the needs of modern pet parents.”