GHP Q4 2018

GHP / Q4 2018 3 Contents , 4. News 6. Leading Providers of Advanced, Naturally- formulated Pet Products 8. The Chartered Psychologist of the Year: The Expert in Neurodiversity 10. Enhancing Treatment Options for Arthritis Sufferers 12. The Expert in Clinical Massage Therapy 14. Bringing Compassion to Homeless Pet Owners Across Great Britain 15. A Breakthrough Solution for Poor Pet Oral Hygiene 17. Labelling, Compliance, and Its Ever-Changing Environment: How Can the Pharmaceutical Industry Keep Up? 18. The UK Physiotherapy Market is Ripe for Consolidation 20. 3 Easy Ways to Optimise the FMD Decommissioning Process 22. Farxiga achieved a positive result in the Phase III DECLARE-TIMI 58 trial, a large cardiovascular outcomes trial in 17,000 patients with type-2 diabetes 24. Cervical Cancer Treatment: Cure Is Possible If Patients Receive Brachytherapy 26. Petco First and Only Major Retailer of Pet Food to Not Sell Food and Treats with Artificial Ingredients 28. Researchers Use MRI to Predict Alzheimer’s Disease 30. Shoulder “Brightness” on Ultrasound May Be a Sign of Diabetes