GHP Q4 2018

GHP / Q4 2018 7 Leading Providers of Advanced, Naturally-Formulated Pet Products previously, only been available from Veterinary practices, further legitimising their position as the best products on the market. More than anything Broadreach’s approach has been, from the very beginning, catered towards the needs of their clients. In this way, they have continually updated their product range to bring it in line with customer expectations, ensuring that they remain at the very cutting edge of their market. As Anne explains, Broadreach was established with a client-centric outlook in mind. “We focus on not only delivering the highest quality natural products, but also the best possible care and support for our customers. We have an online shop which offers 24/7 availability for our products 365 days a year, and we always encourage our customers to talk to us, so we can get to know about them and their lovely pets. Each customer receives a personalised note with every order as well as a free gift for their pet. We are truly passionate about what we do and are always looking for ways to offer more to our customers and how we can best help them. At the end of the day they are the reason we are here, so it is our pleasure to offer the very best we can for them.” One example of this client- focused approach can be found in Broadreach’s 2015 expansion into Advanced Health Supplements, as Anne discusses further: “We developed a wide range of Advanced Health Supplements for both Dogs and Cats to cover every stage of life, from our Young and Agile Joint Care for the early developmental stages of joints to a range for sensitive or over- reactive digestion, both in a syringe paste and powder form. We also introduced a calming support, ‘Calm Care’, to help with phobias, anxiety and stressful situations, Liver and Senior care for later life, plus our Award- Winning Probiotic Daily Fibre Care which supports digestion and adds good fibre into the diet which helps to rebalance the gut.” “We originally launched this range at the PATS International Trade Show in September 2015 with nine products. Since then the Company has experienced significant growth, and we now have a range of twenty products together with exporting partners in countries such as Hong Kong, Macau, The Netherlands and Romania. More recently, we have received regulatory approval for our range to launch in Slovakia, to coincide with our work with our partners in Greece. Going forwards, we are keen to build more partnerships in other countries. At the end of the day, we want to reach as many customers – and their pets- with these great products. We are absolutely heading in the right direction to achieve that goal.” Anne takes a moment to reaffirm why she started Broadreach Nature +, and how that ethos ties into everything the company has endeavoured to do since. “The reason we decided to launch this range was that we felt there wasn’t enough high-end quality products available to customers and a lot of mid-range average products about than those you would get if you visited the Vets. We felt the customer should have the options of being able to buy quality products outside of the Vets Practice if they wished.” It would be a disservice to not mention the accreditations that Broadreach has amassed over the last four years – GHP have certainly not been the only platform to recognise Broadreach’s impact on the supplement market. In May of this year, Broadreach received ‘Ethical Accreditation’ by ‘The Good Shopping Guide’, distinguishing them as one of the most ethical companies in the United Kingdom. On top of that, they are also members of the Pet Industry Federation, and PetQuip, an international trade association for manufacturers and suppliers of pet care products. Regarding the latter specifically, Broadreach were recognised in the ‘Highly Commended’ category at PATS Telford, with the title of ‘Highly Commended 2018 Award for Business of the Year’. There can be doubt that Broadreach Nature + have attained a rare standard of excellence in their field of expertise. As a frequently acknowledged award winner, and accredited member of the community, Anne has helped create some of the finest pet supplements that the sector has to offer, with growth and development looking set to continue for the years ahead. Global Health & Pharma Magazine’s recognition comes on the tail end of a truly exceptional 2018 for the firm, as they look to capitalise on their impeccable reputation to expand into overseas markets. Contact: Anne Wood, Owner and Founder Company: Broadreach Nature + Address: Portelet, High Street, Croydon, Near Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 0DR, UK Website: Telephone: 01223 855857 Email: anne@