GHP Q4 2018

8 GHP / Q4 2018 , Dr Josephine Storek is a cognitive scientist, researcher, psychometrician and public speaker. In September, she was listed among the winners of GHPMagazine’s 2018 Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards programme with the title of Chartered Psychologist of the Year for London. On the back of this well-deserved win, we took a look at Dr Storek’s remarkable career and notable achievements. The Chartered Psychologist of the Year: The Expert in Neurodiversity Dr Storek has set herself no small task. As a prominent practitioner in Behavioural and Cognitive Child Psychology, her mission is to educate parents, children and educators about the impact of neurodiversity on the day-to-day functioning of children who, to quote Dr Storek, “do not fit the standard mould”. A large part of her work is dedicated to supporting families with children who exhibit neuroatypical behaviours; an area of psychological practice that has grown in the last ten years on the back of a greater understanding of the drivers involved. In many ways, Dr Storek is uniquely qualified for this formidable, but nonetheless rewarding, task. A BPS Chartered Psychologist, member of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists, noted researcher and psychometrician, she has become an authority on intelligence, giftedness, ADHD, dyslexia and Twice Exceptional (2E) children. In addition, Dr Storek offers academic strength-and- gap assessments and talent potential evaluations, alongside bilingual assessments in French, Dutch, German, Czech, Spanish, Russian and Japanese that are highly sought-after by multi- cultural families. As a result of her reputation and distinguished ability in the area of child neurodiversity, she is a frequent collaborator with the Eagle Hill School in Connecticut, Boston University ADHD Research Centre, the National Center for Learning Disabilities in New York City and the University of Pennsylvania’s Psychology & Creativity Centre. Dr Storek’s research has been published in prominent peer-reviewed journals as well as popular magazines and national and international press. This expertise has been consolidated by nearly two decades of strategic consulting roles in education and academia. During this time, Dr Storek delivered complex comprehensive corporate and educational programmes that were awarded with prestigious AACSB and EQUIS Awards, recognising excellence in business-related academic pursuits. By all regards, the award from GHP Magazine comes as HP18U047 only the latest in a long line of accolades, standing as testament to her outstanding work ethic and relentless pursuit of knowledge. This pursuit lies at the centre of Dr Storek’s work - a need for a greater understanding and appreciation of neurodiversity that is backed by evidence-based advice. The dissemination of information is fundamental to science, and in this, Dr Storek remains one of the key players on the psychological landscape. Today, Dr Storek is continuing to raise awareness about the many ways that gifted, 2E and neuroatypical children can be supported, both at home and at school, to help them realise their full potential and flourish in life. Currently, she is working on a practical support book for anyone who wants to understand and support neurodiverse children. With all of this in mind, it’s clear to see why GHP Magazine has selected Dr Storek for the title of Chartered Psychologist of the Year. A noted expert dedicated to furthering the understanding of behaviourally-diverse children, her work has made a real difference to parents and children alike, helping them to live happier, more fulfilling lives.