GHP - 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards

GHP / 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 13 , Best for Quality Enzyme Nutrition Supplements and Education - USA FINDYOU BALANCE highest quality possible in supplementation for my family, friends, and colleagues. Today, Transformation continues to set the standard for enzyme therapy and of what wellness should look like.” As an advocate for preventive and integrative medicine, TEC believes the best “medicine” for managing chronic illness or to optimize wellbeing and longevity includes enzyme- based nutritional solutions and lifestyle modifications. Supporting a healthy digestive system for the acquisition of nutrients is paramount in achieving optimal wellbeing and longevity, especially in light of the changes in the food supply. To ensure excellence for clients, TEC uses only the highest quality enzymes, herbs, and nutritional ingredients available. A multidisciplinary staff of nutritionists, biochemists, chemists, microbiologists, physicians, and dieticians are involved in the design, formulation, and production in order to continually stay on the forefront of new innovations and research findings. The firm’s formulas are carefully prepared to assure maximum quality, and its products are manufactured under cGMP standards. TEC’s rigorous standards are applied throughout the production process, from the sourcing of the raw materials and the strict control of the production environment to the analytical tests essential to ensuring quality, safety, and reliability. Ultimately, TEC knows that practitioners have a choice in where they purchase their supplements and who they turn to for information. The firm wants to be a partner and advocate in holistic integrative practice for its clients. TEC is honored for those who have chosen them, and is committed to working hard to earn their respect and trust. Going forward, TEC seeks to build a partnership that provides practitioners and their patients with clinical nutrition solutions and products they can trust and rely upon. Company: Transformation Enzyme Corporation Contact: Michael Dummer Address: 2900 Wilcrest Dr., Ste 220, Houston, Texas, 77042, USA Phone: 001 713 266 2117 Website: