GHP - 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards

22 GHP / 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards , us from free radicals - molecules present in the environment all around us, especially in UVA and UVB light and pollutants. Additionally, hormones affect skin’s sebum levels, particularly as we mature and we believe that nourishing the skin to boost its vitamin, protein and omega levels is highly effective in tightening the skin, softening and preventing wrinkles. Our organic skincare range has won several prestigious awards, and is Drawing on over 20 years’ experience as an RGN, specialising in Dermatology and Aesthetic, non-surgical treatments, Emma founded Inner-Soul with the vision that if people feel good about how they look then their confidence always shines through. Today, Inner-Soul Clinics offer a unique, holistic approach to aesthetics, dermatology and wellbeing, bridging the gap between medical and complimentary treatments with customer care, safety and quality at the helm, as Emma is keen to highlight. “Quality products and customer service are at the heart of everything we do at Inner-Soul; we wish for each client to feel treasured and truly looked after by us. Our clients are mostly female, although we have recently seen an increase in our male database, and are from all walks of life. We have our own award-winning skincare line, Inner-Soul Organics which is popular amongst our clients as the products are focused on nourishing the skin with natural, antioxidant extracts alongside a course of skin treatments and wrinkle-smoothing or dermal filler injections. “For example, Inner-Soul’s Healing Night Balm contains herbal extracts of arnica for bruising and amaranth, an anti- inflammatory to aid the healing process naturally post-aesthetic treatment. Looking good is all Best Holistic Aesthetics & Dermatology Clinic - Kent Inner-Soul Holistic Aesthetics andDermatologywas founded by Emma Coleman, a dermatology RGN and Aromatherapist who has specialised to offer a fresh approach to helping clients look and feel their best, bridging the gap between medical and complimentary approaches to facial rejuvenation, skin improvement and skincare. We invited Emma to tell us more about the clinic and how it works to achieve this aim to this very day. about feeling confident inside too, and this is something we work closely on with our clients, tailoring each treatment holistically to their individual need for the best possible outcome. Although all of their products and solutions are of the highest possible quality, Emma and her team understand that one treatment does not fit all, and as such Inner-Soul’s mission is to offer a range of bespoke clinical and alternative techniques to provide a range of anti-aging and skin improvement solutions. Emma explores how this is achieved and the importance of tailoring every treatment to the individual client it is being provided to. “At Inner-Soul, we often see women of all ages with acne issues, and can offer an individualised, six-week programme whereupon - depending on the acne severity - a course of peels and mesotherapy might be combined with a topical retinoid cream alongside tailor-made, organic skincare, plus dietary and lifestyle advice, all working in harmony to restore skin’s homeostatic balance. The results have been outstanding with the clinic founder Emma heading up all our dermatology programmes. We also offer treatments on other areas of the body - back peels and decolletage rejuvenation for instance - as blemishes can be a cause for concern during summer holiday season. AMH18033 It is this focus on a bespoke approach, combined with the clinic’s vast array of treatment and skincare options, that sets Inner-Soul apart from its competitors, as Emma showcases. “Offering aesthetic injectables alongside organic and natural skin treatments and products sets Inner-Soul apart from other facial rejuvenation clinics. Antioxidants are clinically proven to protect