GHP - 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards

GHP / 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 23 , designed to work cohesively with injectables, peels, mesotherapy and so on to improve clients’ skin quality, firmness and condition longer term.” Building upon this incredible success, moving forward Inner- Soul group will continue to offer the diverse range of solutions it prides itself on, whilst constantly enhancing these to ensure their ongoing satisfaction, as Emma proudly concludes. “Ultimately, skin condition has a psychological as well as physical impact on peoples’ lives and with this in mind, Inner-Soul is planning to build more on the dermatology side of the business in the near future, aiming to offer clients a trusted clinic which they can visit for advice and treatment to improve their skin by getting to the root cause of the issue as well as treating the symptoms themselves. Rosacea, for example, requires observation of the gut as imbalance here is often at the root cause, whilst it is equally important to calm down redness and pustules over skin’s surface for the wellbeing of the client in the shorter term. With regards to the wider skin care market, it is my belief that we will be seeing more clinics taking a more holistic approach to dermatology and aesthetics as this is how people are starting to live, so it will be important for us to continue to develop our brand whilst maintaining our core philosophes.” Company: Inner-Soul Group Ltd Contact: Emma Coleman, Nurse Dermatologist and Aesthetician Address: Harley Street and Kent Website: Company: Counselling for Children Contact: Tammy Fioravanti Phone: 07890 868053 Website: