GHP - 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards

30 GHP / 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards , Positive Healing Therapy provides an alternative, holistic way of treating illness, based on correcting underlying energy imbalances in the body. During a Healing session Tasneem channels positive energy to the client, to remove blockages & improve energy flow through the body. Each session is customised to suit the client’s needs. “Healing may be ‘hands on’ or ‘distant’ (client not physically present with the therapist). Distant healing can be explained by comparing it to 2 people talking on the phone. We cannot see the energy waves traveling between the phones, but we know they do and we witness the effects. Similarly, when Tasneem sends distant healing, energy waves travel to the client and may be felt, but are not visible. “In today’s world, everyday stress, conflict, anger, pain create much negative energy in the body and mind which, if allowed Reiki Therapist of the Year 2018 - London Positive Healing Therapy is an innovative Reiki Therapy firm offering a range of unique solutions. Therapist Tasneem Shah, an Accredited Reiki Master and Teacher, talks us through her healingmethods and how she works to support a variety of clients. to accumulate, eventually leads to bodily dysfunction and a multitude of ailments. Furthermore, negative energy is released into the environment and may be transferred from one person to another, e.g. in homes. Negative energy also accumulates in public places, e.g. shopping centres, public transport, hospitals, offices (‘sick building syndrome’), and may be picked up from there. “To facilitate healthy functioning of the body and mind, and to increase one’s receiving power (capacity to receive positive energies like love), this negative energy needs to be cleared regularly (ideally every day). We appreciate that not everybody is able or willing to spend time learning and healing themselves. However, we wanted everybody to benefit from regular healing and resultant good health. So, to enable this, we established “The Healing Room”- an easily accessible, affordable way for people to receive daily healing – wherever they are in AMH18005 the world, and without having to change their daily routine in any way. Anybody can enroll on our website, and members of The Healing Room receive a ‘distant healing’ session every night, while they sleep, which helps to clear negative energy accumulated during the day.” Reported benefits include: Increased mental clarity, tolerance & resilience; Less anger, irritability & pain; Improved relationships. Our aim is to improve people’s health (emotional, mental and physical), by making regular Energy Healing accessible to all, irrespective of place of residence, finances, etc, and we work to achieve this at all times.” Alongside the healing services she provides, Tasneem is also a fully accredited and insured Reiki Master and teacher, with over 20 years of experience in teaching and healing, in several countries including South America, UK and Scandinavia. She teaches several Healing Systems, to individuals or to groups. Additionally, Tasneem also teaches meditation which differs from the traditional “close your eyes and empty your mind” or pre-set “guided meditation” . Her method aims to heal the mind and increase self-awareness rather than simple relaxation. She believes that everyone already has the solution to their challenges within themselves. Stagnant energy manifesting as limiting beliefs and fears prevents us from accessing these solutions in our subconsciousness mind. Tasneem sends energy to the people meditating to clear the energy of suppressed fears and emotions and thus allow access to the subconscious mind. Each person is encouraged to “meet their self” by visualising whatever comes up from the subconscious mind and, thus, develop their own self-guided meditation. Although Positive Healing Therapy is based in London, Tasneem’s services can be accessed globally, via their website, and this will remain a key focus, as Tasneem concludes: “Overall, at Positive Healing Therapy our long term vision is to help develop healthy communities and societies consisting of physically and emotionally strong individuals, respecting and supporting each other. This will remain our ongoing focus as we look towards a bright future.” Company: Positive Healing Therapy | Contact: Nidaa | Phone: +447903857333 Email: [email protected] | Web: