GHP - 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards

GHP / 2018 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 31 , ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and prosperous future. Established in 2016, TruStem Cell Therapy uses the body’s own natural healing system to treat a variety of neurological and auto-immune conditions. Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells that exist to replace damaged or aging cells in the human body. In other words, they remain unprogrammed until called into service. These special cells have the unique ability to change in order to help regenerate different types of tissue when necessary. They can distinguish among different cell types like neurons or red blood cells, so they offer great hope as a treatment for diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Through evidence-based stem cell treatment and patient centric care TruStem Cell Therapy instil hope that long-term recovery is possible. The firm’s purpose and passion is to empower the individual, his/her family, and the community to find new, safe and effective treatment options utilizing adult stem cell therapy. One of the biggest advantages of TruStem Cell Therapy is the expertise of the firm’s on-staff PhD Neuroscientist. By offering such expertise the firm is providing access to stem cell therapy by a true cellular scientist capable of employing the latest research into each step of the patient’s treatment protocol. This provides patients with a level of Best Stem Cell Treatment Facility - USA TruStem Cell Therapy offering best-in-class, evidence based cellular therapy for patients seeking alternative treatment for serious illnesses. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the vital work it undertakes. safety and efficacy they cannot receive elsewhere. TruStem Cell Therapy also provides care only by Board- certified surgeons within accredited surgical centers. Patients receive access to the industry’s most robust harvesting, processing and administration protocols. Particularly intranasal stem cell administration, a novel method which non-invasively targets the brain for patients with neurological conditions. As such, the leaders at TruStem Cell Therapy strongly believe in creating a culture of always putting patients first and keeping them at the center of every action. From the moment they call, patients and caregivers are provided with truthful and realistic information regarding how stem cell therapy may help them improve their quality of life. While the team pride themselves on providing cutting-edge stem cell therapy, each and every member of the team is also committed to a patient-centric care model ensuring their comfort and support throughout the entire process. Overall, TruStem Cell Therapy’s goal is to one day find a cure to diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Osteoarthritis, Ulcerative colitis, Diabetes, COPD and more. The firm prides itself on providing truth to patients inquiring about receiving adult stem cell therapy; a therapy that AMH18016 may help completely change their lives. This will remain the team’s Company: TruStem Cell Therapy Contact: Director of Patient Advocacy Address: 100 S Saunders Rd, Suite 150, Lake Forest, IL 60045, USA Phone: 888-503-3711 Website: A Liquid Nitrogen bank containing suspension of stem cells.