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Silver Package: Standard £995 Pay Now: £750 • Front cover logo • Two pages of editorial • 2 x crystal trophies • Personalised digital logo • 6-month web banner advert on the GHP homepage • Bespoke digital certificate 10 GHP / May2017 , 1702GH09 GELITA – Improving Quality of Life Healthynutritionplaysan importantrole in the livesof today’smodernconsumers. Increasingnumbersofpeoplearenotonlytrying toavoidE-numbers,allergensandhigh levelsofsugarandfat intheirdiets,but theyalsoseefoodasawayof improving theirsense ofwell-being,theirperformanceandeventheirappearance.Andwithpopulationsaging in virtuallyeverynationacrosstheglobe,consumerdemandforsolutions thatcan tackleage- relatedconditionsandkeeppeopleactivefor longer isgrowingatan impressiverate. Oneof the leading German companies serving today’s consumer interest inadded-value products isGELITA.Based in southernGermanynear Heidelberg, the company suppliesBioactiveCollagen Peptides®withproven body stimulating capabilities thatenable the foodand pharmaceutical industry to developproducts in linewith the trendsof todayand tomorrow. The innovationgame Statistics repeatedly show that companies that innovateare more successful than those thatdon’t.Whether it’s tomeet current consumerneeds, reachnewmarkets,exploit nicheopportunities, improve overallprofitabilityor just stay aheadof the competition, it’s mission critical to focuson adapting, improving,modifying ordeveloping completelynew products. Innovation isalso key forGELITA. “Formore than140 years, science-based innovation hasbeen thedriving forceof our success,and thatofour customers.We continuously monitorglobalmarketsand consumer trends tohelpour customersdevelop innovative approaches tonewproducts. From technical support, recipe or conceptdevelopmentand nutritionaland regulatoryadvice, weofferguidanceandexpertise throughout theentire value chain,” saidOliverWolf,Marketingand CommunicationatGELITA. GELITA’s collagenpeptides arenon-allergenic ingredients thathavenoE-numbers, so theyareperfectly suited for clean label concepts.They can easilybe incorporated intoa wide varietyofproducts— from pharmaceutical-likeapplications suchas capsules, film-coated tabletsand standard tablets to indulgenceproducts suchas chocolate, instant coffee,beauty drinks, shotsornewproduct segments thatbridge thegap between traditional categories which isanareaofgreat interest to the company. Crossover innovation As consumerhealth concerns continue to influence the way foodandbeveragesare producedandpositioned, previouslywell-established boundariesbetweendifferent industriesarebeginning to blur.Oneexampleof crossover innovation is the synergy between foodand cosmetics, resulting in theemergingmarket ofnutricosmetics:beauty-from- withinproducts thataredelivered as foodstuffs. Anotherexampleof crossover innovation is the fusionof foodandpharmaceuticals.As foodbecomeshealthierand pharmaceuticalsenter the supplementandnutraceutical market,excitingnewproduct innovationopportunitieshave been identified.Fortified gummies, forexample, combine aneffectivedelivery systemwith the indulgenceofa confectionery treat.Todrive innovationand demonstrate thepotentialof this young category,GELITA’s technicalexpertsare constantly workingonnew fortified gummy concepts.However, theproductionof these kindof products involvesmuchmore than justadding vitaminsand minerals; it’salsoaboutmeeting theparticularneedsof specific focusgroups, suchaselderly people,and counteractingand preventing specificailments such asosteoarthritis,osteoporosis and sarcopenia.With their uniquephysiologicalproperties, collagenpeptides canplaya key role inmaking tailoredgummy conceptsandother crossover innovationsa reality. Whycollagen? It’sawell-known fact thathigh qualityproteinsare important toolswhen it comes toeffectively improvingbodily functionsand well-beingateveryage.Collagen is themain structural component of the various connective tissues inmammals.Comprising 25–35%ofourwhole-body protein content, it’s themost abundantprotein inhumansand, in the formofelongated fibrils, is mostly found in fibrous tissues suchas tendons, ligaments and skin. Inparticular, the BioactiveCollagenPeptides® fromGELITAareproven tobe veryuseful inmany serious health issues related toaging, suchasproteinmalnutrition, joint,muscleorboneproblems, and lossof skin vitality.Being hydrolysed toa certainextent, these specific collagenpeptides canbe readilyabsorbedby the bodyandareeasilydigestibleas wellashighlybioavailable.As GELITA is committed toproviding ingredients thatare supported by science,all collagenpeptides havebeen tested innumerous preclinicaland clinical studies, bothofwhich confirm their beneficialeffectsand their safety. 1.Power to thepeople Limitedphysicalperformance, muscle loss, thedepletionof structuralproteins in the skin, bonesand cartilage,aswellas degenerative jointdiseases, are justa fewof theproblems associatedwithaging.People whowant to stay fitandhealthy as theygrowolderhave several GHP / May2017 13 GELITA– ImprovingQualityofLife g to theelderlyandalso toan increasingnumberofphysically activepersonswhohavean interest in keeping ingood shape andhealth. The latest study 6 in this field investigated the impactof BioactiveCollagenPeptides®on postmenopausalhealthywomen suffering fromosteopeniaor milder formsofosteoporosis. During this single-centre, prospective, randomised,double- blind,placebo-controlled trial, 180healthywomenwithabone mineraldensity ≤ -1and ≥ -2.5 T-valuewere treatedwith5gof BioactiveCollagenPeptides® (FORTIBONE®)dailyduring a timeperiodof12months. Asaprimaryoutcomeof the Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 2018 WINNER CERTIFICATE <<Award>> <<Company Name>> Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 2018 This is toCertify: HasBeenNamed: