Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 2019

10 GHP / 2019 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards , Marinayoga and Reiki Marinayoga and Reiki: Best Yoga and Healing Centre 2019 – Southern Thailand Based in the stunning Krabi, Thailand, Marinayoga and Reiki is a holistic healing and yoga and meditation centre. As part of our overview of a selection of the AlternativeMedicine &Holistic Health Awards for 2019 we profile the studio to find out more. Welcoming clients from all over the world of all ages and abilities, Marinayoga and Reiki works hard to provide each and every guest with the highest possible standard of relaxation and study so that they can master the ancient healing and yoga arts. As such, the studio boasts a dedicated healer and a range of teachers who are all well-trained and supportive professionals, so that clients know they are in safe hands. The teams’ consultancy services and classes include yoga, meditation and holistic healing. The studio is cosy and peaceful, offering every guest the opportunity to fully relax and unwind no matter what service they require. Alongside the studio, Marinayoga and Reiki also has a sanctuary for rescue animals, as the team are deeply passionate about helping others and keen to support both animals and humans alike. This makes for a peaceful, natural environment for the studio and brings students and teachers in tune with nature and helps them become at peace with themselves. Looking on to the future, Marinayoga and Reiki is seeking to welcome even more permutant students so that it can learn from them and to work alongside them to achieve their goals. The team is constantly seeking to improve their knowledge for the benefit of their valued clients, and this will remain their ongoing focus over the years to come. Contact Details: Company: Marinayoga and Reiki Name: Marina Frei Address: 524 Moo 2 AoNang Soi 1, AoNang Muang, 81000 Krabi, Thailand Telephone Number: +66-94-3205335 Web Address: