Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 2019

12 GHP / 2019 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards , The Mayfair Clinic The Mayfair Clinic: Best Osteopathic Clinic 2019 - Central London The Mayfair Clinic is a private clinic that uses advanced back pain treatments to help patients who have been suffering with back or neck pain for amatter of days, weeks, months or years. We caught up with Lead Osteopath Michael Fatica to find out more about the clinic and the treatments it has to offer. Located in Cavendish Square, Central London, The Mayfair Clinic provides its clients from far and wide with the support they need to rid themselves of chronic back and neck pain. Michael discusses the clinic’s innovative approach to treatment and how it works to provide patients with efficient diagnosis and support. “At The Mayfair Clinic we see cases of back pain ranging from the very acute, to chronic and long-standing on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on our second-to-none approach to treating back pain, as we get to grips with each patient’s individual case and the cause of their specific back pain. Once that is understood, we use a combination of all-encompassing therapies that not only help to treat that underlying cause but to heal it more completely - so the patient can be out of pain in the long-term, and have the tools and strategies to keep it that way. “This patient-focused consultation process is innovative and unique, as we can give a patient complete clarity on their problem within just a couple of days, we can see them for a consultation very swiftly following first contact, send them for scans on the same day if clinically relevant, and turnaround their results as soon as the next day.” It is this creative, patient-focused approach that sets The Mayfair Clinic apart from all of its competitors, as Michael highlights. “Operating in such a competitive market, it is always important that we at The Mayfair Clinic work hard to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and show our patients that we are the best option to treat them. Our unique approach in using a selected combination of therapies gives patients the most personalised treatment in a relaxed and pressure free environment. We take our time with patients, and don’t charge for our individual therapies but just for the session as a whole. This approach we’ve called The Mayfair Method. “Using the latest in back and neck pain research, The Mayfair Method provides one of the most advanced approaches to treatment in the UK. In our experience, not only is the treatment made more effective than hands alone, it substantially reduces the capacity for human error and makes us much more efficient in dealing with back and neck complaints. Our examination process is all encompassing, starting with standing, weight-bearing scans where relevant, which are then analysed and used to identify the source of pain and guide the treatment approach. This way we’re able to give patients unrivalled value for money.” By combining an innovative consultation approach and a dedication to being ahead of emerging developments in the market the clinic has been able to welcome a wide variety of patients and offer them solutions that are the forefront of the back and neck pain treatment space. Michael explains these treatment options in more detail and why they are so important to the success of his clinic. “Alongside our unique approach, at the Mayfair Clinic we are also committed to offering our patients cutting-edge treatment options, and this has accounted for our success over recent years. The Mayfair Method is the most advanced approach to back and neck pain and allows for results that manual treatments using the hands just can’t achieve. Manual manipulations can be uncomfortable and just not technical enough to have the same effect. “For example, our laser therapy, which uses light therapy to target an injury right at the cellular level; boosting the blood circulation and helping the development of fresh blood vessels. This helps heal an area completely with much less scar tissue, as well as providing the patient with a welcome soothing and warming sensation. This treatment has no side-effects and is a perfect component to The Mayfair Method.” Seeking to build upon the success it has had treating patients since inception, The Mayfair Clinic will remain focused on enhancing its treatment offering and supporting a wider range of patients over the years ahead, as Michael is proud to conclude. “Ultimately, at The Mayfair Clinic our mission is to become one of the most recognised solutions for back and neck complaints in the UK and abroad. Our approach not only caters to all patients we treat in London everyday, but we also use our YouTube platform and our Back in Shape mobile application to educate back and neck pain sufferers across the UK and the world. “Looking to the future, to achieve this we will be continuing to build on our existing platforms to reach further afield, as well as continuing to offer clients the most innovative and effective treatment for back and neck pain. This will help our clinic to flourish over the years to come and to provide patients with the treatment they need to enjoy a pain-free life!” Contact Details: Company: The Mayfair Clinic | Contact: Michael Fatica Website: