Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 7 , Most Innovative Therapist & Coach 2019 – Lancashire & Recognised Leader in Psychotherapy - Lancashire Based in Lancashire, Awareness Coaching and Therapy Limited draws on Founder AnneMillne- Riley’s vast experience to provide a range of coaching and psychotherapy services.We invited her to tell usmore about her company and how it works to support a variety of clients. Contact Details: Company: Awareness Coaching and Therapy Limited Name: Anne Millne-Riley Address: 1 Kingsway, Ansdell, FY8 1AQ Telephone Number: 07890 228538 Web Address: & Supporting a vast array of clients, Awareness aims to provide them with services which will help them to develop and maintain their resilience and wellbeing. Anne discusses the practice’s service offering in more detail and outlines why it is so important to so many clients. “Here at Awareness, our focus is on empowering clients to maintain their own resilience, confidence and wellbeing and so my approach is to work with the client on solution focussed strategies and to process and support the material they need to share. I work with clients who suffer from depression and anxiety often related to workplace pressures. Additionally, I work with individuals who are struggling with their lack of confidence and offer a bespoke confidence coaching service. “For each and every one of our clients, no matter what service they require, we engage with them in a variety of dynamic and proactive ways. We offer traditional psychotherapy and coaching services but equally promote our confidence coaching packages. These offer an opportunity for clients to tackle issues which have an impact on their mental health and give them an opportunity to develop skills and build confidence in areas like communication, public speaking, assertiveness and social interaction. We supply all our clients with mindfulness downloads and CD’s to assist in managing anxiety and poor sleep quality and provide workshops and courses to promote self- development.” Amongst Awareness coaching’s most important services is its confidence coaching work, which Anne is keen to highlight. “Specifically, here at Awareness we are particularly proud of the ‘Confidence Coaching’ arm of the business ‘Confidence Guru’. The book ‘Confidence Guru - Discover a Confident You!’ has been published recently and provides techniques and strategies used in our confidence coaching work. It is available on Amazon in both paperback and E book format and we are currently developing a range of Confidence Guru guides which will follow shortly which focus on specific issues like Public Speaking and Dating. We are shortly to launch our Confidence Coaching online course and are enjoying speaking at various venues to promote my work. These developments will help our clients to understand the value of confidence in all aspects of their lives.” As she looks to the future Anne foresees even greater success for Awareness as she aims to welcome even more clients to experience her courses and understand the importance of her work, as she is proud to conclude. “Going forward, my focus is on continuing to publish and develop our Confidence Guru Guides and online workshops in order to offer more self-development opportunities to my clients. Recently, Awareness attended a festival in Blackpool to celebrate International Women’s Day and our workshops where focussed on encouraging young ladies aged between 15 and18 to identify their skills and strengths and to aspire to positive futures and interesting careers. This was an exciting opportunity to raise our brand awareness, and over the coming months we are keen to visit more events and show just how much our services can help.”