2017 Animal Health & Wellness Awards

GHP / 2017 Animal Health & Wellness Awards 11 ADVICE SALES HIRE TRAINING MENTORING LECTURES CLINICS SA MENTORING Bitless Horse started 10 years ago after its founder Wendy Wainwright struggled to find the information she needed to help her horse. She explains how she developed the product thanks to her own personal experience. “Ember was a sensitive horse who was not happy wearing a bit and, whilst I had used bitless bridles many years before, I knew that there were lots more available solutions. However, when I looked for information, there was very little, and many of the innovations in bitless bridles had happened overseas. Bitless Horse is the culmination of the research, knowledge and experience I acquired during my search for a solution.” After spending time finding the information she needed, Wendy decided to share her knowledge and experiences by publishing several articles in Natural Horsemanship Magazine. Since then Wendy has published articles in the UK and the United States to share her expertise with the wider horse care market, as she highlights. “It soon became clear that there were many others seeking the same information but, as we were scattered far and wide, I decided to set up an online community where we could share our experiences and support each other. I also developed an information website and started offering the range of bitless bridles I had gathered from around the world, to allow people to try them on their own horses. I never tire of people getting in touch to tell me how much our bridle suits their horse, it makes all the effort worthwhile” After everything she had tried, Wendy still could not find the right bridle to suit Ember. She is a Degree Qualified Engineer and Riding Instructor and, along with her husband Chris, a Product Design Teacher, they developed and patented the Orbitless Bridle. This bridle offers a unique range of communication which allows a greater level of feel and finesse than many bitless bridles. The Orbitless Bridle has been featured in several magazine articles, videos and is exported all over the world. With several Brand Ambassadors in the UK, Europe and the United States and a growing list of approved Instructors, it has been very well received by the equine community, as she is eager to emphasise. “I am passionate about bitless bridles and about getting the message out there as well as campaigning to have them accepted in more competitions. There is a growing movement to place horse welfare, rather than horse usefulness, at the heart of our interactions with horses and bitless bridles are a part of that. It is good to see horse welfare being raised with national and international equine associations, there is still a lot of work to do but at least the questions are being asked.” Looking to the future, Wendy has many exciting plans for Bitless Horse, including launching a new website to help grow the business, as she proudly concludes. “Moving forward, whilst I plan to continue growing interest in the Orbitless Bridle, the Bitless Bridle movement is much larger than that, and as such my new updated website is designed to become a more comprehensive resource for information, advice, news and details on campaigns and events.” Contact Details Company: Bitless Horse Contact: Wendy Wainwright Contact Email: [email protected] Phone: 07521 707705 Web Address: www.bitlesshorse.co.uk Best Bitless Horse Riding Lessons Provider - East England g

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