2017 Animal Health & Wellness Awards

GHP / 2017 Animal Health & Wellness Awards 13 Founded in 2013 by Mark Hirschel and Jo Amit, HOWND has evolved into a multi award- winning ethical UK pet care brand. The company is loved by dog owners and groomers worldwide, as the team manufacture an innovative range of natural, vegan grooming products using botanical extracts and essential oils. Offering a variety of products and services, HOWND’s versatility is something which helps the company stand out in the pet grooming industry. The team offer Conditioning Shampoos, Body Mists, Pet Perfumes, Tear Stain & Face scrubs, Dry Shampoos; as well as Skin, Nose and Paw Balms to help keep dogs happy and healthy for life. All HOWND products are free from alcohol, parabens, soaps, dyes, bleaches and even beeswax. HOWND is Certified by Cruelty Free International; and proudly endorsed by the Nature Watch Foundation and the Ethical Company Organisation. Regarding the performance of the business, Jo informs us of the company’s business model, and how this helps them to create high quality, innovative, and ethical products for pet owners, all of which are reasonably priced. “For us it is about perceived value, we are not looking to rip off our customers, we want them to believe that they are getting value for the price they are paying. Our sales come from multiple channels; our own e-commerce website, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. “Furthermore, our growth will come from adding new products to our range, maximising sales in our local HOWND is amanufacturer and retailer of a branded range of premiumpet grooming products for both pet owners and professional groomers. Jo Amit gives us an in-depth profile of the company, commenting onwhat makes it successful. market, and from opening new markets. We are only at the beginning of our export journey and already can see demand increasing as our brand exposure continues to build. Recently, we have started shipping into Europe, China, South Africa and the UAE with America to begin in mid-2018.” Outlining the influence that HOWND has on external factors, Jo explains how the business makes a positive impact in several ways. She alludes to the support of charities that the firm offers, and the relationships that she and Mark build, which all contribute the success of the company and respective partners. “Here at HOWND, we support several animal related charities through sponsorship, event participation, donations from sales, and through our own fundraising event called Bring Your Dog to Work Day. We are also one of very few pet brands certified by Cruelty Free International and all our packaging includes the globally recognised Leaping Bunny logo. All our factories and ingredients are audited each year by them and this affords extra peace of mind to the consumer that we really are a cruelty free brand. Some brands may say they are, however we can prove it. “The trend towards the humanisation of pets has been gaining ground for the past few years now. Pet owners want to provide for their pets in the same way as they do for themselves and their children. This has opened a new market for pet products that are natural, ethical, of premium quality, and made with human grade ingredients. Therefore, our range of products are free of animal by-products, and contain essential oils, aloe, oatmeal, wheat, argan oil, a vegan alternative to keratin, and many more rich botanicals. Our formulations are free from alcohol, parabens, chemical dyes and optical brighteners. In fact, I would make the case that our pet grooming products are better for humans than most products found in store.” After four years of trading, HOWND is now a well- established made in the UK brand. The company is listed with several pet wholesalers, and regularly team up with a few charities to help fundraise throughout the year. Its exports are starting to take shape through new distribution partnerships created. Additionally, the company is endorsed by several ethical organisations such as Cruelty Free International; Naturewatch Foundation; and the Ethical Company Organisation, and this helps frame what the business is about. In her concluding comments, Jo discusses the firm’s dedication to supporting dogs and working with charities to provide them with the very best possible lives. “A portion of our sales goes to a dog rescue and re-homing charity, and we are the founders of Bring Your Dog to Work Day, a highly regarded nationwide fundraising event held at the end of June each year. We are very proud of the work we do and moving forward we are excited for what the future holds.” Best Natural Pet Care Company - UK & Excellence Award for Anti-Cruelty Initiatives 2017 Contact Details Company: HOWND Contact: Mark Hirschel & Jo Amit Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Churchill House, Stirling Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 2HP, UK Phone: 020 3004 5255 Website: www.dogslovehownd.com Photo credit: @ameliathecav

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