2017 Animal Health & Wellness Awards

GHP / 2017 Animal Health & Wellness Awards 15 Established in 2011 as a pet accessory provider, Long Paws has since flourished thanks to its innovative approach to creating pet accessories, as Elan showcases while offering us an enlightening history of the company and its philosophy. “The Long Paws range of performance dog gear is designed for dog people like us; people who appreciate the outdoors, enjoy being active, and love their dogs. Whether you spend your days hiking through the mountains, running along a sandy beach, or chasing squirrels up a tree, Long Paws will keep you safe, feeling comfortable, and feeling good. “When we first started Long Paws, we managed to secure the sole distribution rights for a number of unique US and European based brands, and after a few years of working with them, we decided it was time for a change. We simply got tired of hearing answers like ‘it’s good enough’ and that we are being too fussy. We wanted to offer better quality to our customers, and be able to safely guarantee the products we sell. This led us to start creating our products and designing our own lines. “Later, we started focussing on developing the Long Paws brand. Growing up in South Africa, I spent most weekends at a campsite in the beautiful South African outdoors. We swam in the lake, cycled on the dirt tracks, sailed and windsurfed. And of course, our dogs were always with us. Having taken up scuba diving in my later years, the outdoor lifestyle and my scuba diving has been the inspiration for much of the Long Paws range and especially for the materials we use. “Over the past three years, we have added a range of collars, leads, harnesses, tags, and a tick remover to our line of pet water bottles. We have stuck to our guns and maintained our focus of offering high quality Performance Dog Gear. We have still retained a few of the agency products as they offer something unique to the Long Paws’ wholesale collection, but what we are now really focussing our energy on, is growing the brand through our distributor network.” The Long Paws range is sold mostly from independent retailers around the UK and Europe, and is also available through local distributors in a number of European countries, the US, and in Asia. As a result of the relationships that the firm has developed with the factories with which it works, over recent years, in addition to their own range, Long Paws has been able to help a number of other brands to develop new ranges of branded dog accessories. Elan, who is very proud of the quality of products that his firm produces, explains the company’s approach to ensuring excellence at all times. “At Long Paws, we are so confident with the quality of our products, that we offer a lifetime guarantee against any manufacture and construction defects. To ensure this level of excellence, we have a strict set of processes which helps us to maintain quality.” “Alongside this, to ensure safety, any new products go through a rigid test process to make sure that when we launch them, we are confident that they are safe and secure. If we do have an issue that affects the safety of our dog or human clients, we have a set procedure to help us to address it immediately and to minimize any safety concerns.” Looking ahead, Long Paws has a number of product developments in the pipeline which Elan outlines. “As for the future at Long Paws, we have a number of exciting developments underway. These will expand our range of walking gear in new directions, and will hopefully open us up to additional client bases. It includes a selection of toys that will complement the existing range of products and a number of new products for one of our client brands, and as such we are confident that we have a bright and opportunity laden future ahead of us.” Overall, Long Paws is well placed to meet the ever evolving needs of its clients, as Elan is proud to conclude. “Within the pet accessories space currently we are seeing a growing market of dog parents, rather than dog owners, as well as a growing desire for dog parents to spend more time outdoors with their dogs. We are in a perfect position to grow within that market and to offer new and exciting products to that growing client base.” Contact Details Company: Long Paws Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Suite 5, 220 The Vale, London, NW11 8SR, UK Phone: 0207 175 6403 Web Address: www.longpaws.co.uk Best Specialist Canine Accessories Retailer - UK g

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