2017 Animal Health & Wellness Awards

GHP / 2017 Animal Health & Wellness Awards 5 Established in 2014, Veenak is a leading supplier that specializes in supplying human medicines at highly competitive prices. Mesam discusses the firm’s service offering in more detail and explains how it works to ensure excellence for its wide range of clients. “Here at Veenak, we wholesale medicines and medical devices internationally as well as having a parallel import division across the European Union. Predominantly, we serve other wholesalers, large chains of pharmacies and hospitals. We have more recently entered into the veterinary market having built a client base of over 500 practices within 3 years of which our clients consist of small animal practices, animal hospitals and equine. “Our key focus has been distributing pharmaceuticals to wholesalers. By having up to 25 years’ experience in this trade we decided to explore the veterinary market and offer pharmaceuticals to this industry and have had success in implementing this. There were challenges we had to face as the strategy for sales was different, rather than dealing with wholesalers which we are used to, we had to explore a retail strategy. We differentiate from our competitors through various elements of which include, providing a quality service, offering competitive prices and through our easy to use bespoke ordering portal. The support we provide to each practice is prompt, this is what I believe makes us stand out. Our goal is to keep our clients happy, this is the most important ethos we like to bring out at Veenak.” As an ambitious firm, Veenak has big plans to continuing growing over the coming months, as Mesam explains. “As corporatisation takes over the veterinary market, we will look to keep both sides of the industry happy, catering for our independent practices as well as veterinary corporates. This is the strategy for our future business and I believe as the industry becomes even more competitive than ever we will be at the forefront and prepared for market changes.” Ultimately, Mesam is excited for the future, outlining how the firm will continue to grow and build upon its current achievements. “Fundamentally, we take pride on our work on supporting practices, by offering a quality service and competitive prices, through this we have achieved recognition. On this great achievement I would like to thank all of our customers for is their continued support. Endorsements like these help us grow, they make us realize the work we are putting in, is benefiting others and gives us a scope to continuously develop. “Overall, the future is looking very bright for Veenak Veterinary Supplies, as we have now been recognised widely in the veterinary industry with just under 3 years of supplying to Veterinary practices. Our future projects include a further enhancement of our ordering platform, and as such we are currently working on the design and aesthetics of our website. We are also looking to expand our product portfolio to add consumables, disinfectants and wound care so that our customers can hopefully use Veenak Veterinary Supplies as their main veterinary wholesaler.” Contact Details Company: Veenak Veterinary Supplies Contact: Mesam Ali Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 1406 Coventry Road, Birmingham, B25 8AE, UK Phone: 0121 765 0214 Website: http://www.vetordering.com/ Best Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Supplier - West Midlands g

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