2017 Animal Health & Wellness Awards

8 GHP / 2017 Animal Health &Wellness Awards , AH170019 Best Animal Odour Removal Specialists – Germany & German Pond Cleaner of the Year: Biolopur ® BioAqua Biolopur is an innovative firmdedicated to reducing the smell of animals to help owners to keep their habitats clean and hygienic. We invited Andre Braun to tell us more about the firm and the innovative products it creates. Since 2009, Biolopur have been involved in the fermentation of various bacterial strains and are currently researching the effects of them. Andre discusses the firm’s research in more detail. “Here at Biolopur, the aim of our work with bacteria is the destruction of bad odours, food deprivation of algae as well as animal care and cleaning. In Biolopur products are only non- pathogenic bacteria of class 1 which also occur everywhere in nature. Biolopur microorganisms consume organic substances such as faeces, urine, pus, mud, sweat, fungi, etc. and render them completely odourless. Through our fermentation we can add a very high number of spores of microorganisms to our products (over 76 million per millilitre). “When our products are applied to foul-smelling sites, the spores see the organic legacy as food and consume it, completely odourless. Thus, the cause of the malodours is destroyed and not superimposed by perfume as with conventional products.” Looking ahead, Andre is excited about the future applications of Biolopur’s innovative solutions, as he is proud to conclude. “ Ultimately, at Biolopur we firmly believe that our microorganisms can do much more and can be applied in a myriad of different ways. As such, currently we are working on skin care for humans, and going forward we will be continuing to adapt and develop new solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We are also seeking worldwide distributors for our products so that we can showcase them to an even larger market.” www.biolopur.com Contact Details Company: Biolopur Contact: M. Altun Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Mürvet Altun, Heidbüchelstr. ,10, D-52152, Simmerath, Germany Phone: 02473 9272582 Website: http://www.biolopur.com/ Best Animal Odour Removal Specialists - Germany & German Pond Cleaner of the Year: Biolopur ® BioAqua

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