2018 Biotechnology Awards

20 GHP / Biotechnology Awards 2018 , ENYO Pharma was established in 2014 by four scientists of the Infectiology Research Center in Lyon, France, and three seeding partners. The company’s expertise and knowledge have also raised the interest of major investors, who invested €22M in the company in early 2016. The company has its headquarters in Lyon and also a subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia. Its lead candidate EYP001, is an FXR agonist about to enter phase 2 for both chronic Hepatitis B infected BI180017 Most Innovative Drug Discovery Company - West Europe & Award for Excellence in Mitochondrial Disease Drug Development ENYO Pharma is a privately held biopharmaceutical company with a unique and innovative drug discovery approach inspired by viruses. We caught up with Jacky Vonderscher, CEO of ENYO Pharma, to learnmore. patients (HBV) and Non Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH). The firm’s latest innovation, EYP002, is currently in lead optimization. Initially developed using influenza virus screens, it has a mitochondrial cellular target (untapped until now by the pharmaceutical industry) with many potential non-infectious applications (oncology, metabolic or orphan diseases). ENYO Pharma’s initial anti- influenza bioactive peptide was translated into a collection of small molecule peptide mimics by a structure-based virtual design method identifying compounds that reproduce the pattern and orientation of functional groups within peptides. This approach produced several structurally related small molecules that inhibited influenza replication and induced autophagy at low µ M concentrations. The successful translation of a viral peptide into a chemical series with similar anti-viral and host cell phenotypes was a milestone in the EYP002 programme. Molecules of the EYP002 chemical class modulate a family of proteins known to regulate the mitochondrial metabolism and stress responses. While these host cell responses are important for influenza replication, the successful identification of this target has uncovered additional applications beyond the scope of infectious disease. As a consequence, a period of hit to lead chemistry optimisation has been initiated. The program is currently under lead optimization, and offers exciting opportunities for both the firm and the wider biosciences market as the mitochondrial target is implied in a wide range of non-infectious diseases. Jacky is eager to highlight ENYO’s approach to developing these solutions and how it works to redefine the infection bio pharmacy space. “Here at ENYO Pharma, we have implemented an original drug discovery engine allowing the development of innovative programs regarding several intracellular targets which were untapped by the pharmaceutical industry until now. The global scientist approach of ENYO Pharma is inspired from the strategy implemented by viruses to reply within host cells. Indeed, during their large co-evolution with their host, viruses have become experts in the diversion of cellular functions to their

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